The Bachelorette returned on Monday night with Andi Dorfman and her eight remaining suitors exploring the city of Venice.

The Bachelorette Recap

Instead of the eight men huddled together over a date card, Andi decides to announce whom she’ll be taking on her first one-on-one date of the trip in person. Though everyone thought Andi would pick Cody – who has yet to go on a solo date with the bachelorette – she picks the unpopular Nick. Andi explains to Bachelor Nation, “There was something that just didn't sit right about last week. I need to see, can I move on with this guy or can I not?"

The two spend the first part of their date chowing down on pizza and gelato. Enjoying the romance, Andi fails to bring up her burning questions about whether or not he’s there for the right reasons. Once the two hop into a gondola, Nick takes the date in a more serious direction, admitting that he had a wake-up call after the last rose ceremony. "I woke up the next morning for the first time afraid of, like, maybe losing something special,” he tells Andi, who is trying to remain hopeful that he actually will be better going forward.

Later on, the two get decked out for dinner – but it won’t be all romance and fine dining. Andi wants to know if Nick is the sweet guy she thought she was getting to know or the arrogant jerk Cody thinks he is. Furthermore, she wants to know if he believes he’s a frontrunner or not. Nick’s careful response, which ends with the confession that he’s falling in love, wins him the date rose.

Lie Detector Group Date

Partially because she wants to find out who her secret admirer is and partially because she’s struggling to trust the men she’s dating, Andi arranges for the guys to take lie detector tests on their group date. Less scandalous reveals are that Marcus prefers brunettes and that Josh has cheated on a test before. As for the secret admirer, that would be Chris. Dylan’s test indicates he’s slept with more than 20 women and doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom. Andi doesn’t learn who said what and who lied, as she ultimately decides to use the whole thing as a show of trust.

After Dylan says he has to opt out of the evening cocktail party because of a stomach bug, Brian swoops in and steals Andi’s attention and a kiss. When Marcus gets time alone with Andi, he confesses that he almost considered leaving the competition, but didn’t want to have any regrets. Josh, meanwhile, confronts Andi about the whole lie detector charade because relationships are built on trust. Chris later approaches Andi to awkwardly confess about being the secret admirer, which gets him the date rose.

Cody’s One-on-One

Finally, Cody gets his first one-on-one date with Andi, which takes them to the Club di Giulieete – an organization that answers letters from people who want love advice from Shakespeare’s Juliette. For their date, they will craft responses to the lovelorn people who’ve written in. Jason’s was less than inspiring, but Andi is encouraging all the same.

At dinner, Cody begins to read a love letter that he penned for Andi. Without the realization that their feelings are one-sided, the personal trainer professes his affection for the bachelorette. Before he can continue on, Andi stops him and confesses to him that it’s not going to work out. She thinks he’s a great guy, but the romance isn’t going to happen for them.

Rose Ceremony

At the pre-Rose Ceremony cocktail party, Nick snatches Andi away for a passionate kiss. Though he already has a rose and is ostensibly taking time away from the others, Andi loved the move. In addition to Nick and Chris, she decides to bring Dylan, Brian, Marcus and Josh along for next week in Brussels, meaning it’s the end of the road for JJ.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC at 8/7c.

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