The Bachelorette's final episode of the season began with Andi Dorfman introducing her two remaining suitors – Nick Viall and Josh Murray – to her parents, featured a rose ceremony that resulted in a proposal and ended with the aftermath of the latest tumultuous season of the dating show.

The Bachelorette Recap

Nick is first up to meet Patti and Hy Dorfman. With Patti, Nick expounds upon his love for Andi, gushing about his feelings until Patti starts to tear up. When he gets Hy’s ear, Nick asks for Andi’s hand in marriage, provided she gives him the final rose. After a prolonged silence, Hy gives Nick a reluctant endorsement. As for Andi’s sister Rachel, she’s not terribly interested in what Andi has to say about Nick.

The family is reluctant to accept Andi’s choice of Josh, since he seems to be the type she typically brings home, who never ultimately make her happy. They do, however, appreciate Josh’s obvious nerves and Rachel thinks it’s possible he’s taking it seriously. When it comes time to face Hy, Josh maintains that he’s genuine in his feelings for Andy and manages to keep his composure when asking permission to propose to his daughter. Later on, Josh has to face another round of interrogations from Andi, who is still concerned about his commitment. Fortunately, he has “proof” in his back pocket and pulls out an “Andi Murray” baseball card, complete with cute stats.

Andi Sends Nick Home

On her Last Chance date with Nick, Andi gets some pressure from him to show him or tell him somehow that he’s the one she wants. Though Andi declines, Nick, after stumbling through an awkward toast, feels somewhat reassured. His anxiety, he explains, stems from the fact that the last woman he proposed to broke off their engagement. He gifts Andi with a necklace with a vial of sand from the date on which he told her he loved her and hopes his love doesn’t end up unrequited.

After Josh picks out an oval-cut diamond ring from Neil Lane, it looks like it’s going to be Nick’s turn to pick out an engagement ring – but Andi pays him a visit before he gets the chance. She admits that things just aren’t right with him and that she doesn’t want to put him through the Rose Ceremony. "Honestly, the last date—I wanted to just have fun and wanted to relax, and as hard as I tried I couldn't do that with you,” she said. “I feel like a life with you would be me over-analyzing every single moment." Nick can’t believe how Andi strung him along and cries on his way to the airport.

Final Rose

With the suspense gone, Andi waits at the end of the brick road for Josh. Josh, who doesn’t know he already has the competition in the bag, professes his love for Andi. When it’s her turn to talk, she makes him wait over a minute to reveal that she loves him too. Josh then gets down on one knee and proposes and receives a “yes” from the Bachelorette.

In the live After the Final Rose special, Andi had to come face-to-face with Nick. Still somewhat bruised from getting dumped, Nick admits that it’s hard for him to understand what went wrong. He’s also upset that she slept with him, knowing she didn’t love him. “If you weren't in love with me, I'm just not sure why you made love to me,” he tells Andi, who is irate he’d make something like that private. All the same, she maintains that what she felt for him at the time was real.

As for Josh, when he makes his way out onto the stage, he can’t stop saying how in love he is with Andi. Also, making sure everyone knows about their sex life too, claims he’s trying to get her pregnant.

Bachelor in Paradise kicks off next Monday on ABC at 8/7c.

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