On The Bachelorette this week, Andi Dorfman and her host of suitors traveled to scenic Connecticut, where she further weeded down the group before they head overseas.

Bachelorette Recap

Andi selects Dylan for her first one-on-one date of the week, and takes him for a ride on the Essex Stream Train. Without much delay, the two dive in to early relationship chatter, discussing, among other things, how long their longest relationships were and why the ended. It’s revealed they both called it quits because they felt as though they were settling. Dylan had the revelation after his brother’s death, but he can’t bring himself to open up about his brother’s passing and other things about his family, including the death of his sister.

Once the pair makes it over to the dinner train car, Andi levels with Dylan, telling him that she needs to know the real Dylan if she’s going to keep him around. It proves to be the encouragement he needs, because Dylan sheds his nerves and launches into his story about the tragic losses of two of his siblings. Listening intently, Andi tears up as Dylan admits that being in his hometown really brought back some memories and emotions relating to their deaths. Afterwards, Andi gives him the rose and makes sure he knows it’s not a “pity rose.”

Group Date At Mohegan Sun

For the group date, the guys and Andi gather at the Mohegan Sun Arena for some basketball. The guys are feelings rather confident – that is until some WNBA players show up to humiliate them on the court. After that, the guys are split into teams to fight for an evening date with the Bachelorette. Nick, Cody, Andrew, Eric Hill, Marquel and Brian take on Josh, JJ, Chris, Patrick and Tasos. In the end, Nick, Cody, Andrew, Eric, Marquel and Brian earn more time with Andi.

In the evening part of the group date, Andi seeks out Eric because she feels like their relationship isn’t moving forward in the way she had hoped. Eric shares her concerns about their dynamic, putting some appropriate blame on the formality of the reality TV show format. Obviously that’s not going to change, but Andi thinks for a start that he should share a bit more about his family. Eric reveals that he visited all of his family members before coming on the show, not knowing when the next time would be that he’d see them. He also reveals that he left the Mormon church he was raised in, which he’d once feared would ruin his relationship with his family.

After her heart-to-heart with Eric, Andi is pulled out onto the basketball court by Brian. He impresses the Bachelorette with his skills, sinking a basket from half court. It’s clear Andi is into him to everyone, except for Brian, who fails to plant a kiss on her. Nick, however, wasn’t as shy and managed to pull her into a lip lock. At the end of the date, even though Nick made the move, Brian received the rose.

Andi & Marcus' One-On-One

The second and final group date of the week goes to Marcus, who is treated to the often-repeated Bachelor/Bachelorette date that includes heights and a harness. Together, the twosome rappelled down a building. The lead up to the daring feat included a lot of frightened mutterings from Andi and Marcus blatantly hiding his fear in order to “be the man in this relationship.”

Later on, Andi and Marcus sit down for dinner at the Griswold Inn. During the romantic meal, Marcus finds the date rose to be a distraction and covers it up with a napkin. He ends up revealing to Andi that he hasn’t felt anything like he’s feeling for her since his ex-girlfriend from three years ago. Then, he boldly tells her that he’s already falling in love with her.

Eric Aruges With Andi, Goes Home

At the weekly pre-Rose Ceremony cocktail party, Andi gets some one-on-one time with Marquel, who gives her a quick lesson on UFC. She then gets stolen away by Eric, who didn’t like the way their last conversation ended. "I've been really open with you," he tells the Bachelorette. "I feel like you're not being [the real] Andi with me… I came on this to meet a person, not a TV actress." Andi responds with anger, defending herself for not always being 100% comfortable in the situation. She eventually starts to well-up before the two say goodbye to one another for good.

Following Andi and Eric’s fight, which resulted in him taking a cab home before the Rose Ceremony, The Bachelorette cut to Andi having a conversation with Chris Harrison, which was filmed following Eric’s tragic death. My last conversation with him – it's not ideally the last conversation I would want to have with somebody," admits Andi. "That's a tough pill to swallow."

Though the Rose Ceremony isn’t shown, it’s revealed that Tasos was sent home.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC at 8/7c.

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