The Bachelorette returned after a weeklong hiatus with Andi Dorfman and her suitors on a whirlwind trip to Marseille.

The Bachelorette Recap

Before going on her one-on-one with Josh, Andi sits down with host Chris Harrison, who is eager to know if Andi has fallen in love with any of the men yet. Playing coy, Andi tells Harrison not to ask her about that. One person she’s not quite sure about yet is Josh, with whom she has a lot of chemistry, but with whom she’s not sure she has much more than that.

Andi Wants Josh To Get Deep On 1-On-1

For the first part of their date, Andi and Josh go out sailing. On the vessel, Josh tries to earn some brownie points by telling the Bachelorette that he quit baseball because he wants a family. Later on, he adds that he had a hard time during his five-year career in baseball because he wasn't as “mentally strong” as he believes he is now.

After some make out sessions, it’s time for the romantic evening portion of the date. Andi confesses to Bachelor Nation that she’s still uncertain if what she has with Josh is anything more that physical. "We've never really gotten into a really, really deep conversation," she confesses. "I think that's what I'm trying to get to tonight." She gets a story about a former girlfriend who broke his heart when she kissed someone else, which is all Andi needed in order to give Josh the date rose.

Drama Unfolds Between The Guys On Group Date

Marcus, Dylan, Chris, Cody, JJ, Marquel, Nick, Patrick, and Andrew are all going on the Marseille group date, which involves pantomime. None of the guys are particularly excited about tackling the art of miming. After some practice, they don some cliché mime duds and are sent out to the streets to test their newly acquired talents. The French people on the street were not too impressed, giving the guys appalled looks.

As soon as the evening part of the date kicked off, JJ whisked Andi away to the ferris wheel for a romantic ride. Down below, drama ensued between Nick, and Cody and Patrick, who think Nick believes he’s a front-runner. When Andi catches up on the drama, she confronts Nick and calls him out on being cranky on group outings. He admits that she's right and says, “It’s probably my fault” and claims he apologized to Cody for mocking him earlier. Potentially saving himself from elimination this week, Nick also recites Andi a poem.

When left alone again, another argument erupts between the guys. Marquel, who learned that Andrew expressed his surprise that Andi kept the “two blackies” Ron and Marquel after the first Rose Ceremony, decides to ask Andrew about it. Andrew jokes around and then insists, “Whatever you’ve been told is complete bullshit." In response, Marquel simply says, "I will never stand for any type of talk like that,” before walking away.

JJ ultimately gets the date rose.

Andi & Brian Cook In Marseille

Andi’s final one-on-one date in Marseille was with Brian, with whom she takes in a private screening of The Hundred Foot Journey followed by a cooking date. Brian is completely out of his element in the kitchen and doesn’t hide the fact that he’d rather be anywhere else but there. Andi grows frustrated as his discomfort seems to take away his conversational skills and nothing about the date feels romantic. However, when they dine out together later, Brian redeems himself and earns the rose.

Rose Ceremony

After abandoning the pre-Rose Ceremony cocktail party, Andi cuts to the chase and reveals who is staying and who is going home. Marcus, Nick, Chris, Dylan, and Cody join Josh, JJ and Brian with roses. Going home from The Bachelorette were Andrew, Marquel and Patrick.

Next week, Andi Dorfman and company are heading to Venice.


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