Monday’s The Bachelor episode had Sean Lowe meeting the families of the four remaining women competing to become his bride.

Sean’s first visit is paid to AshLee Frazier in Houston. After the pair reveals to one another that they both were raised by fathers who made a living serving the church – Sean’s as a reverend and AshLee’s as a pastor – they go to meet her folks. Sean and AshLee join her adopted parents around a dining room table set up in a field. There, AshLee gushes to her parents about all of their wonderful adventures, including rolling around on the beach in St. Croix. Overall, the date goes smoothly with AshLee's parents warming to the idea of Sean and their daughter, making her an early favorite for a rose.

Next up is Catherine Giudici, the down to earth girl from Seattle. Their relationship seems to be the most relaxed and least pretentious out of all of them. Sean’s even been so candid as to say that with her he doesn’t have to “worry about being the cool guy.” However, after a date at a local fish market, he’s questioned by her family about whether he’s the right guy. Catherine’s family, in the loop as far as past Bachelor and Bachelorette stories, questions the endurance of a relationship built on reality TV. Catherine’s sisters then tell the bachelor that their sibling needs ”someone who can handle her moods.” If Sean wasn’t dissuaded from Catherine then, he certainly was after her mother refused to give him her blessing to marry her daughter.

At Lindsay Yenter’s home in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., Sean is warmly welcomed by Lindsay’s swooning mother. Her father, a two star general, seemed like he might be a tougher sell. However, after Lindsay gives Sean some Army wear and has him do pushups with her on his back, the General gives Sean the OK to ask his daughter to marry him. The whole ordeal in Montana was almost boring it was so cordial, which made the next visit all the more entertaining.

Once Sean arrives in Los Angeles, he and Desiree Hartsock take a hike up Runyon Canyon. After the outing, the couple returns to Desiree’s abode where she attempts to prank the prankster with a fake boyfriend. After Sean had pranked her by framing her for breaking a fake expensive vase earlier in the season, this was her attempt to get him back. It is cute, but mostly awkward. Then things really get awkward. While Desiree’s parents are sweet enough, her brother Nathan decides it is better to verbally assault the guy trying to date his sister. He insults the bachelor, calling him a playboy before claiming that his sister’s feelings for him are stronger than his are for her.

After all the home visits are complete, Sean reveals to Chris Harrison that he’s narrowed down the inevitable breakup to two of the remaining contestants – Catherine and Desiree. Apparently, nice guy Sean does not respond too well to doubt or confrontation. Once he gives roses to the daughters of the easier to please families, he goes back into the room of framed portraits to deliberate. As it turns out, Desiree’s brother is too much for Sean to take on and she’s left without a rose.

Next week, Sean will take AshLee, Lindsay and Catherine to Thailand. Tune in to ABC on Monday at 8/7c.

Watch Sean's fight with Desiree's brother below:

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