The Bachelor got very emotional this week between the Bachelor, Peter Weber, and one of his three final contestants, Madison Prewett. The episode aired two weeks before the finale.

For episode nine of its 24th season, the Bachelor goes to Australia for the highly anticipated Fantasy Suite with his three finalist Prewett, Hannah Ann and Victoria Fuller. Over the weekend, Weber spends the night with Ann, Fuller and Prewett for a romantic date and a night of intimacy, while the other women that aren’t on the date stay in a hotel room with each other.

The first night, Weber spends with Ann and they take their adventures to the Fantasy Suite. Weber and Fuller do the same after a beautiful helicopter ride and rekindling their connection with each other.

However, when it came to Weber and Prewett’s turn, things took a turn for the worst. Prewett explained to Weber in the prior episode that “If next week you were to, like, sleep with somebody else, it would be really hard for me to really, like, move forward in this.” This was the start of Prewett having issues with her feelings while Weber was out with the other contestants.

Prewett stated, “It is weird that they’re probably getting ready for their dinner portion right now… It’s all very “hard to think about.”

During her exchange with Weber during their dinner, Prewett told Weber that she is saving herself for marriage and that she wouldn’t be able to say yes to an engagement if he was to sleep with someone else, even if it was for a one night stand. This blew Weber away causing him to clarify with Prewett. Then, Weber told her that he has been intimate with the other contestants.

In pure emotion, Prewett got up and walked out on Weber. She ended up not showing up to the rose ceremony.

The finale for The Bachelor aires on Monday, March 2 at 8 p.m.

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