On The Bachelor this week, Juan Pablo Galavis headed to the hometowns of the four remaining women, and told Renee that it was the end of the road on their journey to love.

Nikki Ferrell's Date

The first town on Juan Pablo’s itinerary was Kansas City, Mo., to meet frontrunner Nikki Ferrell’s family. Before he was introduced to the group, Juan Pablo ate some ribs at Oklahoma Joe’s Bar-B-Que and went for a ride on a mechanical bull. Despite Juan Pablo’s mediocre bull-riding skills, Nikki claims that she’s helplessly in love with the Venezuelan former soccer player.

At the Ferrell family gathering, Juan Pablo gets a pretty tame interrogation from Nikki’s father. At his most protective, he tells the Bachelor, "I would prefer that if you're heart isn't there, [you] not ask her to marry you." Meanwhile, Nikki gushes to whomever will listen that she’s in love with Juan Pablo and that she’d likely say “yes” if he were to propose to her in the final rose ceremony.

Andi Dorfman's Date

From Missouri, Juan Pablo jetted off to see Andi Dorfman in Atlanta, Ga. Once he arrives, Andi brings him to a gun range, where Juan Pablo struggles to find the target. If the Bachelor thought the gun range was hard, he’s really in for it when he meets the Dorfmans. Leading the group of skeptics is Andi’s father, who is incredulous about the whole process of The Bachelor. He’s not only concerned that the man his daughter might marry is currently seeing three other women, but that Juan Pablo only offered Andi a group date once he was down to eight girls.

Andi’s mother was much easier on the Bachelor, asking him to teach her some salsa moves. In another room, Andi confesses to her sister Rachel that she’s not sure at this point in their courtship that Juan Pablo could be the one. Rachel takes her sister’s admission to say that she doesn’t really see the sparks flying between the two of them.

Renee Oteri's Date

In Sarasota, Fla., Juan Pablo watches on as Renee Oteri reunites with her son Ben after spending two months apart. The clearly un-staged moment is affecting, and Juan Pablo watches on beaming. He then gets a chance to chat with his potential future-stepson before watching him jog out onto the baseball field. Juan Pablo confesses to Renee that he’d love to have a son to play sports with.

When Juan Pablo arrives at the Oteri get together with Renee and Ben, he has to answer to her mother’s string of questions, which includes one on the chemistry between him and her daughter. The Oteri patriarch also grills her daughter, and tells her that she needs to be “in love” with the man that she plans to spend the rest of her life with. Renee says he’s in love with him, but is too nervous to tell him so just yet.

Clare Crawley's Date

Lastly, Juan Pablo meets up with Clare Crawley in Sacramento, Calif. They stroll through the rose garden in McKinley Park while Clare opens up further about her late father. She tells the Bachelor that before he died, he danced with her to the song she’d wanted to dance with him to at her wedding.

After their heart-to-heart, the pair join the extended Crawley family, who give Clare more grief than the Bachelor. Her sister Madeline grimaces when she tells her she’d say, “yes” to a proposal. Her sister Laura isn’t welcoming to the idea either, which causes Clare to seek out her mom for some much needed approval. When Clare’s mom Lillian gets some alone time with Juan Pablo, she says, "I trust in you that you will do the right decision. We would be very happy to have you, but it's up to you."

Rose Ceremony

At the Rose Ceremony, Nikki, Andi and Clare all get roses, which means it’s Renee’s turn to head back home. An emotional Juan Pablo tearfully says goodbye to the single mother, who candidly admits she’d fallen for him.

– Chelsea Regan

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