The finale takes place in Alice Springs, Australia where Peter plans to introduce the final contestants, Hannah Ann and Madison, to his parents, Barb and Pete Sr. 

Hannah Ann meets his parents first. She immediately gushes over her love for their son. “I can’t wait to share with each of you guys just how much I love him! He just means so much to me,” she tells them.


“I see you and me!” Barb exclaims to her husband.

Madison, on the other hand, is emotionally hesitant. She expressed disappointment in a previous episode when it was revealed to her that Peter had slept with other contestants. When Peter’s parents ask Madison about her compatibility with Peter, she acknowledges their differences.

Later in the evening, Barb tells her son who she wants him to marry. “Hannah Ann loves you with all of her heart. Don’t let her go. Don’t let her go. Bring her home,” she tells him.

The next day, Madison ends things with Peter. “I’m going to miss him every day,” Madison says as she leaves.

The episode ends with Hannah Ann and Peter’s last date opportunity at a kangaroo sanctuary. Hannah Ann can tell that something is off when “looking into Peter’s eyes.” She is fearful that despite Madison’s exit, she will still not be chosen. “Tomorrow is a big day, I hope I’m the person that makes you the happiest. I hope I’m the person that makes you feel the most loved,” she tells Peter.

“It’s tough, because, like, my heart is, like, being pulled in two different directions,” Peter replies.

Fans will have to wait for part 2 of the season finale to find out if Peter settles for Hannah Ann or if he manages to patch things up with Madison.

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