The Bachelor has gotten really cut throat. A promotional clip of the show’s new season includes one woman faking an Australian accent in order to get the attention of bachelor and famed virgin Colton Underwood.

In the clip, the two introduce themselves and then Colton says, “You’ve got a nice accent. Where are you from?” The woman, who says her name is Bri but might also be lying there, says, “The accent, it’s Australian, I was hoping that you’re kind of a sucker for accents.” Underwood tells her that he loves accents and then the clip cuts to the woman admitting that she’s faking the accent. She says, “You have to do what you can to stand out.”


Bri’s bio doesn’t include anything about Australia but does say she has “a fear of farting too loudly on dates.” Here’s the clip below.

This isn’t the only controversy from this season. One contestant, Tracy Shapoff, had old tweets dug up in which she fat-shamed woman. Underwood said: While that is a gift and a curse at times, and while I don’t believe in whatever Tracy liked and tweeted at the time, I think that it’s a growing thing. And as far as the process goes, social media is making it a challenge for every workplace. I mean, you’re seeing it all over the world and in our society, things coming up. Everybody has differences in this world. But the bottom line is, that’s not up to me, that’s not my department or anything I need to have an opinion on.

Underwood even added to the controversy himself. Rather than giving a direct answer, Underwood tried to dodge questions about changing the casting process. “That’s not up for me to decide, obviously, but as the Bachelor, it’s a good opportunity for me to really get to know these women and form my own opinions of them without really seeing that,” he said.

Season 23 of The Bachelor preimered on Monday, January 7. As for Bri, Colton appears to have loved the fake accent.

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