The Bachelor took a break this week from Rose Ceremonies to bring viewers the traditional “Women Tell All” special, where the eliminated ladies had the chance to vent their frustrations about Juan Pablo Galavis.

'The Bachelor' Recap

Host Chris Harrison repeated with enthusiasm that this season of The Bachelor was “the most controversial” with “the most memorable women” to open up the night. Harrison then segued into an introduction of one of the few married pairs to emerge from the dating show – Sean and Catherine Lowe. As could be expected, the born-again virgins discussed their honeymoon – from the bedroom to a swim with stingrays.

After the reigning Bachelor first couple left the stage, the camera panned to the women before a montage played of “sexy” Juan Pablo and the women gushing over his good looks, Latin dance moves and prowess on the soccer field. The kind words, however, were short lived.

The discussion that followed revolved around Juan Pablo’s general lack of interest in most of them. While he was always good to look at, he didn’t always seem to want to have conversations of much depth with many of the women. Cassandra Ferguson, who seemed to be one of the more bitter of the ladies, griped about how the Bachelor wanted to talk more about their kids than her. After Lauren Solomon – who never got much screen time – complained that Juan Pablo wasn’t “genuine,” dog lover Kelly Travis shouted out that there were women – like Lauren – who were singing a different tune than they were in the house. Some people did like him.

Other issues that were mentioned included Juan Pablo’s confusing idea of what was “fair” and “honest.” Some of the women also didn’t like that he referred to the season’s two single moms – Renee Oteri and Cassandra – as his “special ones.” Juan Pablo’s late night dip in the ocean surprisingly didn’t bother the women too much – they found the duo’s making out in the hot tub during a group date to be far more disrespectful.

Sharleen Takes The Hot Seat

The first of the women to take to the hot seat on Monday night was Sharleen Joynt, Juan Pablo’s clear favorite from the start who decided to walk away from the dating show. After a brief montage of their time together on the show, Sharleen answered why she ultimately decided to leave. Basically, she was attracted to Juan Pablo – she even liked him enough to date him – but she couldn’t see the endgame with him.

Although Sharleen notably implied the Bachelor’s lack of wits during filming, she defended his conversational skills in the hot seat. She described him as curious about her, and admitted that they spoke about their lives and experiences; they found common ground on which to relate. Sharleen also said she had a lot of respect for him, and said the hardest part about walking away was potentially hurting a good guy.

Renee Dishes On Juan Pablo, Her New Beau

Fan favorite Renee, who has a nine-year-old son, didn’t hesitate to say that she did fall in love with Juan Pablo. Though she believes that she maybe should have told him that she loved him on the hometown date, she doesn’t have any regrets. After all, it wouldn’t have changed how he felt or didn’t feel about her. Watching the season back, it was hard to see him making out with Clare 20 seconds after telling her he wanted to wait. In any case, Renee revealed, “I am in a situation now where I’m very happy,” but wouldn’t elaborate any more on her love life.

Andi Opens Up About Fantasy Suite

Andi Dorfman’s final conversation on the Bachelor was one of the most explosive of the season – with her blowing up at him about being rude and always saying, “It’s okay” – after their night in the Fantasy Suite together. To be fair to him, she said that the beginning of the night was a good time and that he wasn't mean to her, but that he came off as negative, boastful and disinterested.

“I mean, we definitely had some fun times and laughed, and then everything was about his soccer and his traveling and who he knew,” said Andi, who admitted she faked sleep to end the conversation. “It was all about him. But there was just a lot of negativity. I felt like he was being extremely negative.”

Juan Pablo Hits The Stage

Finally, it was Juan Pablo’s turn to take the hot seat opposite Harrison and face the music from the twenty-something women he dated over the course of a couple months. Though he’s faced a lot of criticism, Juan Pablo claimed there was nothing he did on the show that he regretted, reiterating his commitment to being as honest as possible. "Sometimes that happens to seems a little rude and yeah, sometimes it happens to be that way," he said. "But at the same time, I'd rather not being appreciated being honest than being appreciated not being honest."

Juan Pablo also didn’t cower when accused of using Camila as an excuse to not kiss certain women. He claimed that while he’d never let his daughter watch the show, he worried that she’d hear about what her dad was doing from other kids. He never set out to kiss all 27 women. With Renee, he shared a story she'd had told him about her son getting crushed when she broke up with an old boyfriend, which didn’t make it into the season. Not kissing her had nothing to do with not being attracted to her.

Kelly, who has a parent who is gay, then took the opportunity to call out Juan Pablo’s quote about calling gay people “pervert.” Juan Pablo, after promising to give Kelly a more in depth answer backstage, said he’s in no way homophobic – he respects gay people, knows they were born that way and has gay friends, who called him after that story broke. Sharleen then interrupted to say that she and Juan Pablo had talked about equality and that he’s “very open-minded.” She believes his words may have been taken out of context.

After a blooper reel played in which the producers had to tell Juan Pablo to stop referring to Camila as his “little package,” the women shouted out who they hoped ended up with the final rose. Most people appeared to be on Team Nikki, but the last few women in contention – Andi, Renee and Kat Hurd– declined to give an answer.

The Bachelor returns next Monday on ABC at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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