After a long, traumatizing experience, the Thai youth soccer team was rescued earlier this week, with all 12 boys and their coach finally free from the cave they spent over two weeks trapped in. They are now receiving appropriate medical attention.


While the team members lost weight during their ordeal, they are currently in good health, a Thai health official asserts. Similarly, Thongchai Lertwilairatanapong, a health inspector, echoed that sentiment, stating how the boys “took care of themselves well in the cave.” The coach and a few of the boys were suffering from a mild lung infection, however, which will require medication.

Earlier on Wednesday, Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha publicly thanked everyone, nationally and internationally, who helped rescue the soccer team. He also honored the late Saman Kunan, a navy SEAL who tragically died while replenishing the air tanks within the cave. “His honor, sacrifice and legacy will forever be in our hearts,” Prayuth said.

Presently, the boys are in high spirits in spite of all they’ve endured; footage of them lying in hospital beds with surgical masks on shows them cordially chatting with nurses and giving the victory sign, demonstrating their unbreakable exuberance.

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