The Bachelor winner Cassie Randolph recently had to file for a restraining order against Bachelor Colton Underwood, and, as their hearing date approaches, texts between the pair have surfaced.

The two announced their breakup in May, both through individual Instagram posts.

In the posts, though it seemed the two were splitting on friendly terms, the reason for the breakup was unclear, and since then Underwood allegedly has been stalking and harassing Randolph. Several screenshots of text exchanges between them were included in the restraining order filing.

“…Because your a selfish person who isn’t ready to be loved. I spent two years loving you the best I could and now I’m sitting here feeling like a fool… You’ve hurt me beyond words… I’ve always done nothing but be there for you and you still disrespect me all the time,” Underwood wrote in one of the texts.

When Randolph asked for clarification on what she did, Underwood responded, “You hid things from me and been so shady.”

A few hours later, Underwood apologized in vague terms.

“I apologize for some of the things I said last night. I’m lost right now. I’m drowning.”

Another exchange reads similarly, with Underwood initiating by texting Randolph multiple accusations.

“I’m just sitting in bed trying to fall asleep wondering if the woman I’m madly in love with is having a good time with her ex. I have a million questions and all of them I don’t know if I want the answers to. My heart hurts a lot right now and I miss my best friend, my lover and the one person I never expected to lose,” he wrote.

“Colton I really care about you too. I know going through everything is very hard and sucks,” she replied in an attempt to console him. “I appreciate you calling me to talk with me. But I also won’t want to make it into something it isn’t. You know that us trusting each other and being cool with each other, and caring about each other is still there.”

Weeks later, Underwood allegedly started harassing Randolph and her friends by using alias phone numbers, and soon after discovered a tracker on her car.

A judge signed off on Randolph’s request for a restraining order on September 14, which will expire on the date of their hearing, on October 6.

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