Dallas ABC Affiliate station WFAA issued an apology for accidentally cutting off a late-night monologue regarding the Uvalde, Texas school shooting by Jimmy Kimmel and shared the clip in full on their website.

After extending their newscast past 10 p.m. Wednesday evening to account for more coverage of the tragic massacre, WFAA said an automatic program that triggers advertisements “aired the first commercial break in error, interrupting Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue.” They apologized for the interception and shared the full monologue.

Kimmel responded to WFAA’s apology in support of the network, saying he believed their error was unintentional.

Kimmel spoke emotionally without an audience at the beginning of his Wednesday night episode. He emotionally discussed the tragedy and condemned pro-gun politicians and Fox News commentators, also noting that “most Americans support keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and children, the majority of us do, Democrats and Republicans.”

He also spoke about a bipartisan bill that passed in the House of Representatives seeking to mandate universal background checks over a year ago that is languishing in the Senate without much hope of moving forward. “They won’t pass it because our cowardly leaders just aren’t listening to us. They’re listening to the NRA, they’re listening to those people who write them checks who keep them in power,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel also called out some prominent Texas Republicans directly, saying “I say this tonight not with the expectation, but with the hope that people like Ted Cruz, and Greg Abbott and John Cornyn, people who were elected by Texans, will actually listen to it. Instead of going right to, ‘Gun control laws don’t work,’ and, ‘We need armed teachers and guards at schools.'”

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