Mauricio Garcia, 33, the shooter in the Texas mall massacre which left nine people dead, had a social media account with, a social network app widely used among Russians.

Investigators found a social media account matching the Texas shooter’s profile after the mass shooting last Saturday afternoon.

The 33-year-old had an account consisting of rants against Jews, women and racial minorities. Many of his posts, however, were regarding his mental health, and in his last post before the shooting, he said that no psychologist could fix him.



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Gracia showed his swastika tattoos and SS markings on his chest.

One of the shooter’s posts implied that he was a white supremacist and talked about how Latinos were “white.”

“I think I even read in the news Hispanics could be the new white supremist,” Garcia wrote. “Just the other day this black dude told me the line is blurring. He can’t tell the difference anymore. Someone would look white but their actually Hispanic.”

Garcia’s other posts include praise of shooter Audrey Hale and her shooting of six people in March at a private school in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as photos of Nazis saying that they were “his kind of people.”

He also posted that he no longer wanted a girlfriend because he didn’t “believe anymore women are capable to genuinely love a man.”

There is evidence on his account that the shooting was premeditated with photos of the Allen Premium Outlets along with screenshots of their busiest times posted weeks before the shooting occurred.

The victims were between the ages of 5-61 and included three children, most of the victims where members of racial minority groups.

The massacre comes after many other shootings have happened in Texas and other states since the beginning of the year. Mass shootings in the U.S. are happening at an average of once per week, according to an analysis of the AP/USA Today data.

Garcia was shot dead on the scene at the arrival of police officers.

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