Police in Texas have apologized after sending out an amber alert warning citizens to be on the lookout for a child abducted by Chucky.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has stated that the Amber Alert was the “result of a test malfunction.”

The alert identified the suspect as a 28-year-old man, 3ft 1in tall with red or auburn hair and blue hair. The race was associated as “Other: Doll.” It was accompanied with a photo of Chucky, the killer doll from the 1980s horror movie, Child’s Play. The alert also stated that the child abducted was Glen, Chucky’s son in the movies.

“We apologize for the confusion this may have caused and are diligently working to ensure this does not happen again,” the department said. Citizens registered in the system received an email warning about Chucky three times last Friday.

“PLEASE FIND THEM,” joked Don Mancini, director and writer of the movie tweeted.

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