In the midst of emotional testimonies by the parents of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting confronting conspiracy peddler Alex Jones, the judge presiding over his defamation suit had to reprimand him for lying twice under oath yesterday. Jones has consistently belittled and harassed the families of the school shooting victims, calling them actors in an operation to advance gun regulations.

Alex Jones Trial Updates

The trial is just to determine damages as he received a default guilty judgement for failing to appear in court but is still featuring very heated statements by enraged parents. Judge Maya Guerra Gamble of the Travis County District Court is presiding over the case and is the one in this video telling off Jones for lying.

“You may not say to this jury that you complied with discovery, that is not true,” Judge Gamble told the Infowars host firmly. “You may not tell this jury that you are bankrupt, that is also not true. You may have filed for bankruptcy, I don’t know that but I’ve heard that. That doesn’t make a person or a company bankrupt.”



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She added in no uncertain terms that Jones is “already under oath to tell the truth, and you have already violated that oath twice today.” The judge also said in a further rebuking of the lies he peddled on Infowars, “This is not your show, you need to slow down and not take what you see as opportunities to further the message you’re wanting to further.”

This lawsuit is one of three Jones is facing right now. Those who filed the suit, Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, parents of Sandy Hook victim Jessee, spoke to Jones directly in court yesterday. “Jesse was real, I am a real mom,” Lewis says at Jones, who shakes his head occasionally in response. “I know you know that, and you keep saying it, why?” She also mentioned that Jones is continuing to push the narrative that she and Heslin are being manipulated to file the lawsuit on an InfoWars episode released during the trial.

Heslin said in court that his life is a “living hell” now because conspiracists, likely motivated by Jones’ show, harassed him online and even stalked him in person. He testified that people have shot a gun in his house and his car on different occasions.

Lewis and Heslin are seeking $150 million in compensation from Jones for defamation and intentional affliction of emotional distress. Extra damages could be added onto this total as well.

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