Priscilla Maldonado Gray and Marvin Gray welcomed their third child, Ja’bari Gray, who weighed only three pounds and was missing a majority of his skin, aside from his head and legs.

In addition to the missing skin, Ja’bari’s chin is fused to his chest, his eyes are fused shut, and his fingers are conjoined.

Doctors initially diagnosed Ja’bari’ with Aplasia Cutis, a condition which cause congenital absence of skin; it commonly affects the scalp, but it has been known to affect other parts of the body.


Ja’bari was moved to the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, where doctors discovered that he may not suffer from Aplasia Cutis, but a Epidermolysis Bullosa, a condition that cause the skin to be fragile and blister very easily. Infants who suffer from this have widespread blistering and areas of missing skin.

In order to determine the validity of this theory, doctors are planning to perform genetic testing on the entire Gray family.

“It could be two to three weeks before they have an answer,” Priscilla said in a statement. “They don’t want to treat my son for the wrong thing… We want to find an answer right now, but everything is in the air.”

The doctors also plan to separate his chin from his chest, which is fused together because of his scar tissue.

The Gray family has started a GoFundMe page to help with their family’s medical expenses, which has earned over $24,000 in donations.

Ja’bari’s future may seem uncertain, but his family is prepared to be by his side for years to come.

“From day one, they said he had no chance of surviving and I would hate to give up or for everybody else to give up on him when he’s made it this far in life,” said Priscilla. “I just want my baby to be home and be normal and to be able to hold him.”

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