Tess Holiday, the well-known plus-sized model, has criticized Victoria’s Secret for its failure to provide options for bigger women.

Tess Holiday On Victoria’s Secret

Back in September, Holliday made waves when she spoke about Victoria’s Secret’s failure to cater to women of all shapes and sizes, creating lingerie options only for women on the thinner side.

“There’s a certain image that Victoria’s Secret upholds for this ‘perfect body,’ and if they were to branch out and have plus-size women, it might – in their eyes – ruin that business and branding goal,” she had told MTV News. “But I think to have the biggest lingerie retailer in the world carry plus-size lingerie would be a huge step in the right direction and an accomplishment, not just for the industry, but for women in general.”

“The bottom line is that there’s this pervasive feeling that fat girls aren’t supposed to feel sexy, and that needs to change. It’s something plus-size women are constantly messaged – either overtly or subconsciously – and that shows in a lack of options for lingerie,” she added. “It all ladders back up to giving women a choice of doing what we want with our bodies, regardless of our size, and making it normal to see plus-size women in lingerie on TV, on billboards, and on Instagram is a great place to start.”


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It’s been months since Holliday gave the interview and subsequently dared Victoria’s Secret to hire her on as its first plus-sized model. The brand has yet to respond to Holiday’s charges, which the model believes is due to its lack of desire to change its ways.

“They probably didn’t look up from their glitter and angel body spray–or money!” she said in a new interview with “I Yahoo’d Myself.” “They are kind of perpetuating the image of what’s wrong with America and with society, in general, that you have to look a certain way — like a Victoria’s Secret Angel — to feel beautiful and be sexy.”

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