Terry Crews and his wife Rebeccca King-Crews spoke with Dr. Phil Wednesday about his alleged sexual assault by Adam Venit.

On an episode that aired March 14, Rebecca recalled the night Terry alleged he was assaulted. “He pushed this man through this sea of people; they went down like bowling pins,” she told Dr. Phil. “I told my husband, ‘You can’t be putting people out, Terry.’ I’m like, ‘What happened?’ He said, ‘He grabbed my junk!’’


Terry claims he was assaulted at a Hollywood party.  “First of all that’s what molesters count on, “ the actor said. “They do things publicly, out of the blue; you’re wondering, “What’s happening? Was it me? What was I wearing?’ You start wondering, ‘Did I bring this on myself?”

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After the interview, Dr. Phil told Inside Edition that Terry was hesitant about how the public would see him. “He said, ‘When I complained about it immediately, they started trying to trivialize it, saying it was just horseplay’ and all this,” Dr. Phil recalled. “And I’m thinking, ‘No, it’s wrong, I was assaulted.’ This is sexual assault, it was so bizarre for him to go through that.”

Venit denies the sexual assault and the Los Angeles County District Attorney decided not to file criminal charges. However, Terry is pursuing a civil case.

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