Teresa and Joe Giudice gave their first interview following their sentencing trial to Bravo’s Andy Cohen, who struggled to get the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars to open up about their predicament.

Teresa & Joe Giudice Interview

After pleading guilty to tax fraud charges earlier this year, the Giudice’s had their sentencing hearing last Thursday. In a surprise to both of them, Teresa was sentenced to 15 months behind bars, while Joe will have to serve 41 months in prison.

Though Teresa and Joe pleaded guilty, when Cohen asked them about their falsified loan applications, neither seemed keen to fully accept blame. “Whatever Joe told me to sign, I signed,” Teresa said. Her husband added, "Just whatever the bank gave me for her sign."

Teresa expanded on her alleged ignorance, saying, "I'm a trustworthy person. Sometimes I take what other people say and I just believe them and trust them, and I can't do that anymore. I've got to make sure I fully understand something or fully read it, or find a lawyer, like a contract lawyer, that could help me."

As for whether or not she resents Joe for their crimes and punishment, she told Cohen, "I don't think he meant to hurt me in any way,"

While Judge Esther Salas had no intention of letting the reality TV couple get off easy, she did show them compassion when it came to scheduling their prison sentences. So that their three children won’t be without both parents for any period of time, Teresa will serve her sentence first, followed by Joe serving his – which means the patriarch will have to take on a bigger role in his daughter’s day-to-day than he’s accustomed to.

"It's gonna be a lot of work I gotta do what I gotta do. I guess I'm gonna be a housewife,” Joe told Cohen, possibly hinting that he’ll continue starring on Real Housewives of New Jersey while his wife is locked up in jail.

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