Home security is often expensive, but Tend Insights countered that trope with an affordable counterpoint. For $59.99, you can introduce the Tend Secure Lynx Indoor into your household. However, while it may be cheaper than its alternatives, does that mean it’s a worthwhile addition to your home?


The Tend Secure mobile app works with the Lynx to protect your property. Installing the Lynx should be relatively easy, but if you need to relocate the camera to survey a new domain, you’ll need to reconfigure it from the beginning. It should maintain records of those it recognizes, though.

The Indoor’s facial recognition will learn the faces of your inner circle. Should a friend be within the frame, you can use the Lynx’s app to chat with them. Or, should an unidentified person be detected, the app will alert you to their presence. The recorded footage is in 1080p HD, and the camera also offers night vision. Furthermore, it’s sensitive to motion, and it’ll send you an alert if it detects any.

The Lynx Indoors learns peoples’ identities by seeing photographs of them, either those taken through the app or pictures you already have on your phone. Once motion is witnessed, the Lynx will alert you along with a check to see if it correctly named the person. You can also reaffirm the identities of your associates by uploading some of its footage. Therein, you can click on the “Faces Seen” tab and inform it if it did or didn’t correctly name the subject.

CNET’s review referenced how it never failed to correctly ID an individual in her experiences with it, although she references how the camera needs to clearly see the face for a few seconds. All footage and audio is maintained for seven days over Tend’s servers. With the companion app, you can freely access it at any time. CNET’s reviewer noted that this accessibility was a major plus, in contrast to the monthly fees and services other providers demand.

According to CNET’s review, the camera’s base is poorly-designed. Once the camera is slid into place, there’s nothing that keeps it secure there. Regardless, the Tend Secure Lynx Indoors is a strong option for much less of the cost of its competitors. Should you wish to purchase three, a bundle is available for $169.99.

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