Stiles and Scott turn to Peter for help in bringing back grown-up Derek and stopping Kate's evil plans in Teen Wolf's "117."

Teen Wolf "117" Recap: Baby Derek

In a flashback, a young Derek (Ian Nelson) is struggling to control his transformation so that he can compete in a Beacon Hills High basketball game. A young Peter tries to help him in the locker room. Back in the present, Kate (Jill Wagner) is in a gas station bathroom doing the exact same thing: struggling to control her wolf side from coming out. The gas station attendant unlocks the door after hearing growling and violent noises coming from the inside, but the door doesn’t budge. When it finally does, Kate has turned and attacks.

Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), Lydia (Holland Roden), Malia (Shelley Henning) and Kira (Arden Cho) finally make it back to Beacon Hills and rush teen/baby Derek to Deaton (Seth Gilliam). Deaton is stunned, and baby Derek is ice cold, but Deaton says he can’t do anything until Derek wakes up. Whatever Kate’s plan is, it doesn’t look good, and Deaton encourages them to get some sleep and Stiles and Scott leave, but Lydia stays behind with baby Derek. In the morning, Deaton and Lydia continue to work on baby Derek. Deaton slices open his arm, but baby Derek heals right away – unusually fast, even for a werewolf. Suddenly, baby Derek changes, and, unable to control it, takes a swipe at Deaton before running away.

Meanwhile, Scott comes home and stumbles on his father’s toolbox, waking his father (Matthew Del Negro) asleep on the couch. He missed his standing date with his dad: when his mom has a night shift, the father-son duo is supposed to have dinner together. The next morning at school, Stiles tells Scott about how Malia sneaks into his bedroom almost every night, has sex with him and then they spoon the rest of the night. Sounds great, except for one thing: Stiles is still hiding the fact that he and Scott believe Peter (Ian Bohen) is her biological father.

In history class, Malia is lost after having spent the better part of a decade as a coyote and Scott gets an emergency phone call from Lydia. At Deaton’s office, Lydia informs Scott and Stiles that Derek is young in body and mind – he didn’t recognize them and he looked scared. A wolf returns to his den – the old Hale house. The house, of course, burned down years ago, but after Derek was a teenager, meaning that he has no idea his entire family has died. Scott and Stiles might be forced to lie to him if they find him. Derek is sitting in the rubble of his home, crying. He figured out what happened himself. Two deputies show up and, while one of them tries a sympathetic approach, the other decides to go after baby Derek with a Taser. At the Sherriff’s station, the nice deputy, Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley), approaches Derek and uncuffs him, but the deputies are confused after they run his prints and all that comes up is a photo of ‘present day’ or grown up Derek. Sherriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) appears and recognizes baby Derek just as Stiles and Scott come running into the Sherriff’s office. Sherriff asks the boys if they have been time traveling – and Stiles spills the entire story about their little road trip to Mexico.

Scott tries to establish a connection with baby Derek by flashing his red eyes. When baby Derek asks where his family is, Scott begins to tell the truth about the fire, but changes his mind last minute and tells baby Derek that his family left town after the fire. Desperate for help they decide on a plan: find Peter.

Peter Leads Scott and Malia to Baby Derek and Kate

Meanwhile, Lydia and Kira drive into a gas station where Lydia assures Kira that Scott doesn’t hold what happened in Mexico against her. He knows she had no choice but to electrocute him. Lydia leaves the car and tells Kira to fill up the tank, but when Kira looks she sees that Lydia’s tank is already full. Lydia, as a Banchee, was attracted to the gas station bathroom where she finds the gas station attendant’s body. The poor gas station attendant has been ripped to shreds, and blood and guts cover the walls of the bathroom.

Scott pulls up in front of Peter’s apartment and finds Malia waiting for him. She heard that Peter was evil from Lydia and decided Scott needed backup. Scott introduces them, and neither seem to recognize each other. When asking Peter about how scratching someone could change them, Peter realizes that Kate must be alive. Peter realizes that Kate transformed Derek into the boy he was when he met Kate for the first time. Turns out, they had a romantic relationship. Kate transformed Derek into the boy he was before he knew Kate started the fire that would kill his entire family – when he still trusted her.

At Scott’s house, Stiles and baby Derek have dinner with Scott’s dad and baby Derek, or Miguel as Stiles tries to call him, asks Scott’s FBI father about the Hale family fire. He learns the truth, and furiously demands to talk to Scott. While Stiles goes to call Scott, Kate shows up and grabs baby Derek.

In an effort to get ahead of Kate, Scott decides they need to figure out where Kate is going, so they call Lydia for photos of the crime scene at the gas station and figure out that Kate is having trouble controlling her shifts, just like Derek. She’s after the triskele, a medallion that helped Derek stabilize his change when he was young. The artifact is in the Hale family vault, and she needs Derek to open it. The vault is hidden underneath Beacon Hills High School, and Peter, Scott and Malia are hot on their trail.

Derek Returns With Yellow Eyes

When they arrive at the high school, they are attacked by the same creature that attacked them in Mexico – a human wearing a skull mask, which Peter identifies as a Berserker. Kate must have brought them with her from Mexico. They run, and soon Malia and Scott find themselves cornered by two Berserkers while Peter ran off into the vault to stop Kate. He tells her that the talisman doesn’t have any special powers – it’s just an object that helps them focus their energy when learning how to shift. Kate presses baby Derek to ask her if what Peter is telling his is true, but baby Derek doesn’t care, he says. He heard Scott growl and knows that he needs to go help him. Derek arrives in time to find Scott, Malia and Kira down for the count, injured and scratched. As he fights, Derek’s anger and focus on his wolf self brings his older self (Tyler Hoechlin) back. His eyes glow yellow.

Peter and Kate begin to battle it out in the vault. Someone throws down grenades of wolfsbane and light to break up Peter and Kate’s fight, sending Kate running off into the night with her Berserkers. That someone takes something out of the Hale vault while an incapacitated Peter watches on. They took the bearer bonds – this was a heist, it was never about the triskele – and the Hale family is out $117 million.

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