Scott helped Liam through his first full moon as a werewolf beta, Lydia discovered the supernatural hit list and Sheriff Stilinski teamed up with Derek to track a supernatural assassin in Teen Wolf's "The Benefactor."

Scott Tries To Get Through To Liam

After biting Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) on the roof of the hospital, Scott (Tyler Posey) panicked and tied him up with duct tape in his bathtub. Scott called Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) to help him and the two try to break the news to him that he may turn into a werewolf, but they end up scaring him more than anything else and Liam escapes from Scott’s house before they can tell him exactly what he is going to be.

The next day at school, Liam’s ankle is completely healed, as is the bite Scott left on his arm. Scott and Stiles corner him at school again, but Liam brushes them off, so they go to plan B: Kira (Arden Cho) will use her womanly wiles to lure Liam up to Lydia’s (Holland Roden) lake house for the night of the full moon. They have been using the basement to house Malia (Shelley Hennig) during the full moon.

At the lake house, Scott and the gang tell Liam that he’s going to turn, but he doesn’t believe them. Lucky for them, the sound of cars pulling up in front of the house – he told his friends that he was going to a party at Lydia’s lake house, and now a parade of freshman is arriving – incapacitates Liam long enough for Scott and Kira to get him to the boat house and chain him up.

Stiles Helps Malia On The Full Moon

The full moon is hitting, so Stiles rushes Malia downstairs to the basement leaving Lydia to deal with the freshman expecting a party. She goes along with it, and plays hostess. When she follows Liam’s friend Mason (Khylin Rhambo) upstairs and accidentally spills wine on the carpet, she freaks out and reveals to Mason that the house needs to be spotless. Her family is putting it up for sale and they need every penny they can get. Mason leaves to go get some club soda for the stain, and when the door closes behind him Lydia realizes that the room is sound proof. Attracted somehow to the white wall and the record player, Lydia puts the static on and sees faces coming out of the wall – they are speaking to her.

Controlling Liam during his first transition is easier said than done: it turns out Stiles did some digging and found out that Liam was expelled from his last school because he took a crowbar to his teacher’s car. His anger issues make him stronger than Scott anticipated and he gets loose of his chains just as Scott and Kira are sharing a sweet moment in the moonlight. Meanwhile, Stiles is having much better luck in the basement with Malia. She is losing it, her chains are slowly breaking apart and she begs Stiles to leave, run before she can hurt him. Stiles refuses and tries to help her calm down. He relates to her, to the guilt she feels at killing her mother and sister when she turned for the first time as a child, and it works. It works, and Malia is able to suppress her werecoyote side.

Argent Returns To Beacon Hills

Scott manages to corner Liam in the woods by the lake house, but he’s not changing into his wolf self, so Liam soon gains the upper hand and is about to take a swipe at him when an arrow of light comes shooting over their heads. Argent (JR Bourne) has returned. He got Scott’s text about creating a beta and came to help. Argent urges Scott to speak to Liam, and in the end Scott manages to get through to him by assuring him that he is not a monster, but a werewolf.

At the house, Kira finds Lydia in the soundproof room and asks her what she’s listening to. It’s the key, Lydia says. Lydia’s crazy math notes – which resembled the computer code the mouthless assassin was using to communicate in last week’s episode – is a code, and she and Kira had previously spoken about finding a key to decipher it.

Supernatural Hit List And The Benefactor

In Beacon Hills, Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) team up to find The Mute killer after he throws a wolfsbane-laced tomahawk into Peter’s (Ian Bohen) chest at Derek’s apartment. The Mute left behind a seriously wounded Peter and a weird glove box that he uses to communicate. While examining it at the Sheriff’s department, Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley) recognizes it as a military issued communicator that has been modified. Parrish gets to work on the tech, and receives a message from ‘The Benefactor’ saying that the money has been transferred. The Mute isn’t just a murderer, says the Sheriff; he’s an assassin. They track him to the high school, where The Mute has set a trap for them. Luckily, Derek and the Sheriff manage to take him down and the Sheriff is in the process of arresting him when Peter runs in and slashes his throat out.

At the party, freshman Violet (Samantha Logan) kills a keg-delivery man who happens to be a werewolf. She uses some kind of heated garrote to sever the man’s head from his body and then stores it back into the pendant she wears around her neck. Inside, she joins up with her boyfriend (and lacrosse player) Garrett (Mason Dye) who just received a message from The Benefactor saying that money has been transferred into their account.

Upstairs, Lydia decodes the message using the key ‘ALLISON’ and uncovers a dead pool – a hit list of supernatural creatures living in Beacon Hills. On the list: the Walcott family of Windigoes killed last week, Lydia, Scott, Derek and Kira – Peter, Kate and Malia are missing from the list. Also included are a few unfamiliar names: Demarco Montana, Carrie Hudson, Kayleen Bettcher and Elias Town.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.


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