A murderer gets loose in Beacon Hills and Lydia unleashes her banshee power in Teen Wolf’s newest installment “Galvanize.”

Killer On The Loose

A killer, Barrow, is taken into the local hospital for surgery after no other hospitals would take him. Years ago, he walked onto a school bus with a bomb strapped to his chest, killing many and injuring most. When Scott’s mom (Melissa Ponzio) checks in on him for pre-op, he tells her that the children on the bus had eyes that were glowing and they needed to be stopped. He doesn’t regret it and swears he will do it again if and when he gets out of prison.

During surgery, the doctors are caught off guard when they find a tumor in his chest and it explodes with flies, distracting the surgeons long enough for Barrow to escape. At the school, Lydia (Holland Roden) hears a swarm of flies; her psychic powers are flaring up again.

Meanwhile, twins Ethan (Charlie Carver) and Aidan (Max Carver) drop by to invite Scott to be their Alpha and form a pack. So far, Scott is officially flying solo, though Isaac (Daniel Sharman), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), Allison (Crystal Reed) and Lydia are his makeshift team. Having been stripped from their Alpha status, Ethan and Aiden are now Omegas, the lowest on the food chain, and worry that when word gets out they aren’t Alphas anymore their enemies will come after them. Put simply: they are dead men walking without a pack. Scott refuses; he doesn’t trust them and neither does Isaac, so the twins decide to head back to school in an effort to stay close and wear Scott down. (It doesn’t hurt that the boys both have crushes on students, Lydia for Aiden, Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) for Ethan.)

After Barrow escapes, Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) thinks he might be headed to the school for another bombing and heads over there with his deputies and Scott’s dad (Matthew Del Negro) in tow. They lock down the school to search for Barrow. Stiles, always the fast one, warns the others that Barrow is most likely on school property and puts two and two together after Lydia tells him about hearing the flies. She can still hear them; in fact, they’re getting louder. Barrow must be hiding somewhere in the school. Stiles, Lydia, Scott, Isaac and the twins search the school for Barrow, but come up empty. Even the wolves, who are all searching the basement, can’t catch Barrow’s scent. Stiles, fearing that he accidentally sent the werewolves into a trap (searching the basement to the boiler room where he suspects Barrow could be waiting with a bomb), pulls the fire alarm to evacuate the school.

Once outside and save, Sheriff tells Stiles that he and his men are leaving the school. The school day is over and they have an eyewitness placing Barrow at a train station nearby. Stiles tries to tell his dad that Barrow is still here, explaining his suspicions that Lydia is a banshee and psychic, but Sheriff doesn’t have time for hunches and leaves to follow another lead.

In the library, Kira (Arden Cho) sits listening to music, completely oblivious to the fire alarm. Coach comes to get her, and, as they leave, we see Barrow lurking behind a book shelf.

Scott And Kira Bond Over Dinner

Later that night, Mr. Yukimura (Tom Choi), Kira’s father, invites Scott over for dinner. He says it’s a thank you for saving his daughter from a coyote, but it certainly feels more like a strange blind date – he is worried Kira isn’t making any friends. As Scott struggles to eat sushi, the Ukimuras tell him about themselves: they were married in Japan and took Mrs. Yukimura’s name (it’s Japanese and Mr. Yukimura is actually Korean) to keep her family name alive. Her family has ties to Beacon Hills, apparently, and they are very interesting. Mr. Yukimura is about to tell Scott about it when Scott accidentally winds up with a mouthful of wasabi, cutting the conversation short. (Note: though this did not go anywhere this episode, it will most likely tie in when we learn more about Kira’s background.)

Lydia Uses Her Banshee Scream

At Stiles’ house, he and Lydia are busy working on Barrow. Lydia doubts herself. She trusts that she knew Barrow was in the school, but there was no sign of him. Maybe she isn’t so psychic after all. Stiles assures her that he believes in her and offers to go to the school and search all night just to prove her wrong. Then he has an idea – what if Barrow hid his scent with chemicals, making him undetectable to the werewolves? He and Lydia head back to the school and confirm their suspicions. In the chemistry lab they find blood and empty beakers, supposedly left there by Barrow. Seeing numbers written on the chalkboard, Lydia associates the random series with elements and figures out that the numbers and the associated elements spell out ‘K-I-Ra’ or ‘Kira.’

Just as they realize Barrow is after Kira, Scott and Kira are saying goodnight outside her house and sharing a flirty look when Barrow comes out of no where and strikes Scott in the back of the head with a metal pipe. When Scott awakens, Stiles and Lydia are there and Kira is gone. Lydia has this feeling that she knows where Barrow is. It’s on the tip of her tongue but she can’t quite say it. She tells Stiles it makes her want to scream, so he tells her to go for it. Lydia lets out a massive scream and suddenly hears something. It’s not flies this time, it’s electricity. Barrow used to work at a power plant, Stiles says, and he thinks he must have taken Kira to his old workplace.

Kira Has Power

The trio head off to the power plant. Scott and Stiles, armed with a bat, rush in while Lydia waits in the car – Stiles only has the one bat. When Scott gets there, Barrow electrocutes him and then moves over to Kira, who is tied up in a corner. He reaches over her and puts the wire to her neck. A huge electric current combusts, leaving Barrow dead on the floor, but then the electricity is being absorbed by something. It’s Kira, who is taking in the electricity through her hands. Scott stares at her in amazement.

Isaac and Allison were trying to find any mention of flies in her family’s Bestiary when things turned sexually charged and Allison’s dad (JR Bourne) walked in on them taking off their shirts (but NO KISSING). Allison went outside to talk to him, leaving Isaac alone in her room. Right after Kira absorbed the electricity, the power in Beacon Hills flickered out and three creepy men in masks appear in the room and start fighting him, somehow shutting the door. Allison and her father bang and yell through the door as sounds of a violent fight come from the room.

Elsewhere, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Peter (Ian Bohen) performed some kind of werewolf mystical ritual that enabled Derek to talk with his dead mother. He wants to ask her a question, and whatever answer he got, it doesn’t look good. Derek awakens from his trance in an anxious sweat and with a mean look on his face.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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