Jenelle Evans‘ husband David Eason will not face animal cruelty charges for allegedly shooting and killing the reality star’s dog. The star of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 told investigators she fabricated the story for publicity.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office announced the news in a statement on Thursday, saying Evans’ admission came after several visits to the family’s home, none of which yielded any physical evidence to back up the claims.

Authorities said they launched an investigation into the incident on May 1 after Evans called the sheriff’s office and said Eason had thrown her dog outside on April 29 for biting their 2-year-old daughter Ensley.

Evans claimed Eason had shot the pooch, though she did not witness the incident, she had only heard the gunshot.

Authorities visited Eason’s home as a follow up to a previous welfare check and found a juvenile who “appeared to be in good health.”

Two weeks later, on May 13, a search warrant was issued and authorities went to Eason’s home, but found no weapons, blood evidence, or anything else that could confirm a dog had been shot and killed on the property. The next day, Evans told investigators that she did not hear or see anything to indicate Eason had shot her dog.


Evans later admitted to filing the animal cruelty report for publicity because she did not know where her dog was.

The sheriff’s office said the investigation would be closed, with no charges filed against Eason.

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