Last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG was full of parting, strippers and drama as Farrah Abraham got kicked out of a Hamptons White Party.

Farrah Abraham vs. The White Party

First off, Farrah gets kicked out of a Hamptons White Party because she wasn’t “upscale” enough. “I don’t understand people treating me like this because of my association with Teen Mom,” she said. “People perceive me as trashy, low-class, whatever because of Teen Mom and other Teen Moms.”

Does this rejection have to do with a certain tape that was released three years ago? Abraham doesn’t think so. “Mom, Kim Kardashian has a video,” Farrah said, later telling her producer, “You wanna keep talking about a tape. It’s because I’m part of the Teen Mom cast.”

Farrah went on to explain how Teen Mom has ruined her “top-notch” life. “The Teen Mom s–t just is embarrassing to me,” the reality star tearfully continued. “For me not to go to The Hamptons. I deserve to be there. Hell, I live that life. I keep it classy. I keep it top-notch.”

The mom and daughter duo decided to crash the party anyway but were promptly kicked out. “I’ll probably just be, like, the star at the party,” Farrah said party crashing. “I’m just gonna show them that they need to grow up, and they shouldn’t run White Parties if they don’t know how to be upscale and classy about it.”

Amber vs. Gary

Moving on from Abraham drama, Gary and Amber had their own share of drama over their daughter, Leah. Amber filed for joint custody for her daughter after multiple fights with her ex. Unfortunately, Gary did not like this play for power. “Her and Matt are both ex-addicts,” Gary said in his defense. “How come she gets rewarded for making all these mistakes, and I’m the one that gets stuck taking care of Leah?”

After bringing up the past, Amber accused Gary of manipulating their daughter. “Leah said to me, ‘Daddy told me if I keep saying I wanna live with you, they’re gonna take me away from Daddy.'”

Will Taylor Ever Propose to Maci?

Maci wants to be made into an “honest woman” soon but her boyfriend and father of her daughter, Taylor, isn’t ready to get down on one knee yet. After saying he wasn’t going to pop the question, Maci was visibly upset. “When are you gonna make me an honest woman?” Maci asked her man during the most awkward triple-date of all time. “We’ve been together for three years, we have a child together, we own a house together … We can end it. Just end it,” she told Taylor.

Taylor said nothing back to the mother of his child but later joked with his friends about the marriage situation. “I think I’m gonna propose right at the end of this season, so I can get another season,” he said. “I’m not going anywhere, just tryin’ to figure out the right way to do it … I’m gonna come in on a unicorn.”

Later in the show, Maci vented to her friends about Taylor. “Are we gonna be teammates forever or are we not? I am confident, but make me your wife. Confirm it for me. I want him to be my husband, and I want to be his wife forever.”

Tyler Gets A Striptease

Tyler and friends go to a strip club for his bachelor party even when his bride, Catelynn, made it clear that he was not to enter a any strip club.

The groom-to-be didn’t seem too worried about Catelynn’s request as he received a lap dance from two strippers. His father, Butch, recently out of jail after four years, decided to engage in conversation with a stripper. “Maybe I can get a little oral?”

Catelynn decided to pull a Farrah and crash the party but had better results then her costar. The bride to be was greeted with a kiss from her fiance and even has a reassuring conversation with a stripper about Tyler: “You guys are, like, so perfect, and you have such a good man!”

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