MTV reality show persona Jenelle Evans was arrested last week for violating her probation. Evans, 19, had been sentenced to 12 months of probation after pleading guilty to drug paraphernalia possession in April and then entering rehab. The star of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 tested positive for marijuana and opiates when she met with her parole officer in her hometown of Oak Branch, N.C., on Monday.

After being placed behind bars on $10,000 bond, Evans was released from jail later that night. Her attorney, Dustin Sullivan, said that Evans is likely going to have to do time. "She's facing a 45-day active sentence," Sullivan told "The judge could put her in jail for 45 days. Up to this point, I've had 12 or 13 charges dismissed. I've never had to have that conversation with her until now."

Due to her stints on two MTV shows, Evans' struggles have been well documented. She has signed custody of her two-year-old son over to her mother. On Tuesday Evans tweeted, "Idk wtf to do the world is crashing down no one give a f*** about me thanks a lot never coming back bye."

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