Last week, the stars of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 dealt with some major bombshells: Jenelle Evans wasn’t quite certain of Jace’s parentage, Leah Calvert discovered she was pregnant again, Kailyn Lowry moved on from ex Jo with new boy Javi, and Chelsea Houska took the GED exam. During last night’s special ninety-minute season finale, the questions that had left us wondering were finally answered.

Leah has a lot of announcements to make after her pregnancy test reads positive. The first lucky recipient is fiancé Jeremy, who seems genuinely happy in front of the cameras and tells Leah he’s ready for the responsibility. Leah’s mom Dawn is the second person to receive the news. Dawn is shell-shocked and asks Leah if she and Jeremy are prepared to take on a third child; Leah insists they are, but she doesn’t seem too convinced that Jeremy is the one she’ll spend the rest of her life with. Kayla, Leah’s best friend, is the next to know. “That was so fast,” she laughs in disbelief. You’re telling us, Kayla. Corey, Leah’s ex-husband and the twins’ father, is last. Corey, while dropping off the girls, says he’s been hearing rumors about Leah, and she confirms her engagement and pregnancy through Etch-A-Sketch. Corey’s reaction is the most heartbreaking and telling of them all. He cries and reminds Leah of her abnormally fast-paced lifestyle ever since her pregnancy with the twins. Corey leaves without congratulating her, and Leah consults Kayla for advice. Kayla asks Leah if she feels she’s forced into staying with Jeremy because she is carrying his child… the teen mom admits she still has feelings for Corey. Later, Corey, who thought about reconciling with her, tells a tearful Leah he hopes she doesn’t regret her choices.

Meanwhile, Chelsea checks out local daycares for her daughter Aubree in the event she does pass her GED and gets accepted into beauty school. Satisfied by what she has found, Chelsea goes ahead and takes her beauty school entrance exam. Judging by her ever-changing hair color and strict attention to makeup, she’ll have no trouble getting accepted into Black Hills Beauty College. Towards the end of the episode, Chelsea receives her GED scores and has Aubree open the envelope. The toddler struggles, leading to the dramatic buildup and… Chelsea passes! They celebrate with an extended family dinner. It’s refreshing to see that Chelsea hardly mentions or laments over ex Adam’s absence.

Kailyn, conversely, is busy planning son Isaac’s birthday party when Jo gives her a letter/peace offering from his new girlfriend Vee. Vee assures Kailyn that she will never replace Kailyn’s role as mother in Isaac’s life, though she would like to meet her eventually. Kailyn freaks out over the letter, misunderstanding Vee’s desire to meet up. She doesn’t think she’ll ever feel comfortable seeing Jo’s new lady. Later, during a meeting with a friend, Kailyn says she’s in denial and that meeting Vee would prove that the happy little family she tried to establish with Jo had truly dissolved. After Isaac’s birthday party, Kailyn tells Jo she worries over which family Isaac will prefer in later years, but Jo assures her it’s too early for that. Their co-parenting is working out now, so why question a good thing? Kailyn seems soothed by his response.

Jenelle schedules a paternity test to find out who Jace’s father really is. Jace gets his cheek swabbed for DNA samples. Her ex-boyfriend Andrew asks her for a video-chat with Jace, regardless of whether or not they’re biologically related. Jenelle, unwilling at first to let Andrew back in her life, agrees and the three talk through Skype. Andrew is amazed that Jace looks nothing like him, though he’s glad he got to meet him. Later, the test results come in and… Andrew is the father! No one’s happy. Jenelle wanted nothing more to do with Andrew. Her mother Barbara nearly cries, worried that her grandson will grow to be just as messed up as Andrew. Jenelle is in shock, but goes ahead and tells Andrew. He is stunned too, though he vows to get better and contribute whatever he can to Jace’s upbringing.

Whether Andrew will uphold his word remains to be seen… especially when next season’s premiere, scheduled to air in two weeks, showcases the never-ending drama these teens must face:

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