Last night, Ted Cruz was the most recent presidential hopeful to stop on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon where he had a phone call from his most controversial opponent. Jimmy Fallon, donning a wispy wig and Donald Trump‘s “yuuuuuge” personality, greeted Cruz with, “Congratulations. You’ve been called by Donald Trump.”

Fallon-as-Trump proceeded to ask Cruz if he was watching the Democratic debate. Cruz admitted that he was that he was watching The Princess Bride “for the 843rd time.”

After some banter about the movie and Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton, Fallon-as-Trump told him that he would give Cruz a “pre-interview” for his interview on The Tonight Show, as he’s been on the show many times. Cruz thanks him and tells him he appreciates Trump being the “bigger man.”

“Oh, I’m the bigger man,” said faux Trump, “with the bigger hands.” He paused to the applause of the audience  – “and the bigger”  – he paused again and gestured at his lap  – “You can’t see me but I’m pointing at my Trump Tower.”

“I’m really glad not to be on FaceTime right now,” responded Cruz.

Faux Trump moved forward, “Question 1, how did you win all the delegates in Colorado without anyone even voting.”

This was a reference to Cruz’ win in Colorado which sparked outrage because it was a result of the state deciding not to hold a primary or caucus contest. Nevertheless, Cruz won all 34 of the delegates.

“I won those elections fair and square,” replied Cruz after explaining that the change in process in Colorado was brought up a long time ago.

“You know what I think,” responded faux Trump. “I think the people in Colorado did vote. But they were so high that they forgot. And let’s face it, anyone that high definitely voted for me, so basically, I won Colorado.”

Next, they moved on to immigration. Cruz slowly responded with his stances on immigration while faux Trump repeated “Wall!”

Faux Trump’s last question for Cruz asked why he should be the GOP nominee.

“Well, listen,” said Cruz, “From the very beginning we’ve run a positive campaign, and even though it’s taken a while, I firmly believe that we have unified the GOP.”

“So have I, it just so happens that I unified them against me,” replied Trump, “But I still unified them.”

Cruz winced.

During Fallon’s real interview with Cruz, they pulled out Cruz’s high school yearbook and talked about how his stated goal, even then, was to run for president. They also talked kids, college and a bit of politics.

When asked if he would support Trump if his rival wins the nomination Cruz responded, “I am working very, very hard not to have too answer that question. I have to beat him in Cleveland.”

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