On Wednesday, Taylor Swift‘s mother Andrea Swift testified on behalf of her daughter in her sexual assault case.


The singer is countersuing former DJ David Mueller for a grand total of $1. She originally accused Mueller of groping her at a fan meet-and-greet before a concert, which in turn caused Mueller to lose his job. He then sued the singer for a false accusation, a case where he’s asking for $3 million in damages. Swift turned around and is countersuing Mueller for sexual assault, and is seeking just a symbolic $1.

Andrea Swift took the stand to corroborate what her daughter has said of the event. She says that Taylor went straight to her after Mueller assaulted her and said, “Mom, a guy just grabbed my ass.” “I knew what happened, I heard it from her,” Andrea told the jury.  “heard it from my daughter’s mouth. He sexually assaulted her, right there, that guy,”

She explained that no charges were brought at the time because Swift’s team did not want her to relive the experience. Instead, Taylor’s team contacted Muellers employer, KYGO, and Mueller was fired following this. Mueller, 55, denies touching Swift inappropriately. At the most, he may have touched her ribs in an attempt to jump into a photo being taken, but he claims he never touched her backside.

The photo in which he appeared with Taylor shows his arm awkwardly placed behind the singer’s back. Mueller admits it looks “weird and awkward” but that just “our hands touched and our arms touched” during a 40-second photo op. Mueller says he just wants to clear his name, as he’s had difficulty landing a job since the incident. Swift’s lawyer simply asked Mueller if Swift had the right to not like it if he had touched her behind. He responded, “Anyone would have a right not to like that.”

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