Taylor Swift was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on Saturday. She had performed both “Call It What You Want” and “…Ready for It?” from her new album Reputation.

As she first took the stage, introduced by Tiffany Haddish, she wore a black sequined sweatshirt and short-shorts as she sung “…Ready for It?” the second single released ahead of Reputation’s launch. Swift continued her snake motif by singing with a gold microphone in the shape of a serpent.

When she took to the stage for a second time, her fixation with snakes continued wearing a sweatshirt embellished with one on it. Swift stripped down her romantic track “Call It What You Want,” singing it acoustically as she sat on a dim stage strumming her guitar.

Many of Swift’s fans and friends took to social media to rave about her performance on SNL and their reaction to the new Swift. Martha Hunt tweeted, “Can we talk about #TaylorOnSNL Those moves and that high note! I am HERE for #reputation era @taylorswift13!”

A few minutes later, Alex Goldschmidt tweeted, “A LIVE ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE OF ‘CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT’ IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED FOR CHRISTMAS. #TaylorOnSNL.” He went on to praise Swift a little more and tweeted, “She gave us pop star Taylor Swift. She gave us singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. She gave us everything. Welcome back, @taylorswift13. #TaylorOnSNL.”

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