This is no love story: Taylor Swift's ex-manager, Dan Dymtrow, is suing the singer and her family for millions of dollars he claims they owe him for his services.

According to Dymtrow, he discovered Swift, 20, in 2004 and was instrumental in building her career before being fired in 2005. He claims that his deal with the Swifts entitled him to between 5 and 10 percent in commission. Dymtrow says that after introducing her to key people, like the agents at CAA who later represented her, he was let go in a conspiracy set up by Swift's father and the CEO of the Big Machine record label, where Swift is now signed.

“For him to claim that her success and her major contracts were procured by him is ludicrous,” the Swifts' lawyer retorted, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The two parties have been secretly locked in legal battle since 2007, when Dymtrow filed for breach of contract. Six of the charges were dropped in March, but one unjust enrichment claim remains. Both sides filed documents to prove their cases on Wednesday. –AMY LEE

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