Taylor Swift has re-released her song “Wildest Dreams” after it was trending on TikTok.

Last week, Swift posted a video that played her 2014 hit but in a 2021 version.

“If you guys want to use my version of ‘Wildest Dreams’ for the slow zoom trend, here she is,” Swift’s caption wrote. “Felt cute, might drop the whole song later,” was another caption included. Swift did drop the song and it currently is available to stream.

Swift also posted herself participating in the TikTok trend with her new release, sporting her signature red lips and bangs. The slow zoom effect has become popular on the app and Swift’s original song was used as the backtrack for a “main character” moment.

Fans were surprised but delighted by the surprise release. “taylor taking ownership of her TikTok trend is everything I never knew I needed,” commented one fan under the video.

Swift has been on a mission to re-record six of her albums after Scooter Braun bought the master rights to the music and sold them to Shamrock Holdings, a private equity company.

After the deal was done in 2019 Swift took to social media and shared her thoughts, revealing she felt “sad and grossed out” by Braun’s actions. Swift was 15 when she signed the original contract with the record label Big Machine and the contract expired in 2019. Since then, Swift has been re-releasing her music. So far she released Fearless (Taylor’s Version) in April 2021 which includes old hits like “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story,” as well as more music from “the vault.” She also has two newer albums released, Folklore and Evermore.

For future albums, Swift will have full control of the rights. By reproducing the songs that made her famous all over the world, it’s Swift’s way of reclaiming her power and gaining back the money she has lost.

Swift will be releasing her version of the album Red this November.

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