Taylor Swift’s gifted devoted fan Rebekah Bortniker with a $1,989 check to help pay back her student loan as part of her ‘Swiftmas’ gift.

Taylor Swift ‘Swiftmas’ Continues

Swift, who is still celebrating the success of her newest album, 1989, sent out Christmas packages to her most devoted fans and documented the gift-giving process, called ‘Swiftmas,’ in a YouTube video that went viral.

Fans who received packages have been uploading their own videos, depicting the moment they open their gifts and find out what’s inside. On Monday, Jan. 12, Bortniker received her gift from Swift and uploaded a long video of her opening her present, which included the impressive donation to her college fund. “Now you’re $1989 closer to paying off those student loans,” Swift wrote along with the check.

Other gifts also included a necklace that used to belong to Swift herself, a hand-written card, and a personalized and hand-painted picture. “I have nothing to say,” an emotional Bortniker exclaimed after opening the box.

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“Taylor, I know I’ve said it so many times already but thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Never in a million years did I ever imagine this happening to me. I never imagined you even knowing who I was let alone you taking your time to paint me something and write me a note. I am so honored and so thankful to call myself a fan, to have supported you all of these years because you are truly the most amazing, genuine, and selfless person. On Thursday when you liked all of those posts of mine I couldn’t contain my excitement and honestly, that was more than I could have ever dreamed of and then you do this… you send me the most thoughtful, meaningful and most amazing gifts I have ever gotten. And they mean even more coming from someone I have admired for so long. I’m so thankful to call you a friend and buddy. You have changed my life in the best way. I can’t wait to see you on tour and thank you a 1,989 more times,” Bortniker wrote on Tumblr.

Speechless. #taylorswift is perfect.

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Bortniker’s story and video have quickly gone viral – Swift even reblogged the video on her Tumblr – but the Swift superfan says she isn’t a big fan of all the media attention that came along with her exciting gift, nor does she expect to make money off of Swift’s generosity.

“I got an email and facebook message from a media buy who works for a company that wants to licence my video to send out to their media contacts like blogs and tv shows to promote. I don’t want to sell or make money or anything off of this. Taylor did something so amazingly kind for me, something I can never thank her enough for and I would never even think of using that for money or attention. I’m not even sure how I feel about all the attention it’s already gotten. All I know is that I am forever grateful for Taylor and everything she’s done for me,” Bortniker wrote on Wednesday.

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