Taylor Momsen, 17, may be interested in a launching a new music career, but she's taking her bad girl image with her and not skimping on the sex appeal. Though Momsen has never shied away from baring some skin for the cameras, she gained attention for her new band, The Pretty Reckless, this weekend when she flashed the London audience who came to see her in concert. She wore an oversized tank-top with enormous arm holes and did not opt for a bra, though when she really started shaking and flailing her arms, you could glimpse strategically placed electrical tape Xs over the critical areas.

Maybe Momsen is growing up a bit as she transitions into a different industry. "She is now trying to make a name for herself as a music star," writes Hollywood Life. "She wants to get guys to come see her perform. It's common these days for girls like Taylor to be going from 17-years-old to 25."

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