What do spoken word music, nudity and former Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen, 19, have in common? As of recently, absolutely everything, as Momsen bared all for the new spoken word music video of "Under the Water," a song by her band, the Pretty Reckless.

As Momsen, wearing only her trademark eyeliner, reads off the words to her band's song, the camera flashes all over her body, gradually showing more and more of her nude self until it pans out entirely to show Momsen in her birthday suit glory.

The new video is part of an Amp Rock TV project entitled "The Words."

"Lay my head under the water, lay my head under the sea. Excuse me sir am I your daughter? Won’t you take me back and see?" Momsen begins in the video, before quoting most of the words from the Pretty Reckless song, altered only slightly to fit the new spoken word platform.

Watch the clip here:

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