Taylor Momsen is back in the controversial spotlight, this time for her full frontal nudity in a new music video for her band The Pretty Reckless “Heaven Knows.”

Taylor Momsen Strips In New Music Video

While the NSFW “Heaven Knows” music video was released over a month ago, the March release of The Pretty Reckless’ second album, Going to Hell, is bringing Momsen’s risqué behavior into the light, with the video now up to over 3 million views.

“Oh Lord, heaven knows / We belong way down below,” Momsen sings on the new single.

In the scandalous video, Momsen appears singing dressed in a black robe, and eventually takes off the robe, revealing her naked body underneath, covered only by body paint. Across her chest is painted a thick black cross, which creates an arrow at her hips.

The image is shown from a distance, and so is not quite as revealing as one might imagine. The cross and arrow is a symbol Momsen also wears on the cover of Going to Hell, where Momsen once again appears nude. However, on the album cover, Momsen’s back is to the camera, with the arrow painted down her spine.

Momsen, 20, is no stranger to controversy, or nudity. The former Gossip Girl star first raised eyebrows with her daring, heavy black eye makeup and her edgy red-carpet looks while she was still staring on the teen drama. She continued to attract controversy by stepping out in lingerie. In 2010, Momsen and The Pretty Reckless released their first single “Make Me Wanna Die,” and Momsen, then 17, asserted herself as a not-so-innocent blonde teenager, stripping down to her underwear in the music video.

In fact, Momsen appears in various states of undress in most of her music videos and photo shoots. Throughout her music career, Momsen has denied that she goes looking for controversy, she is simply being her rocker self.

“I definitely don’t try to cause controversy. I just do my s—t and people talk about it,” Momsen said in a recent interview with Metro UK.

Furthermore, Momsen appears to be in complete control of her sexual image. She co-directed the “Heaven Knows” music video with Jon J.

“I wasn’t aiming to shock, I was aiming to create a beautiful image,” Momsen said in another interview.

Say what you will about Momsen’s wardrobe choices, but it’s impossible to deny her talent. Momsen and “Heaven Knows” made Billboard history by landing in at number one in Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs radio airplay chart, making Momsen the second female lead in 24 years to earn that spot.

As for what’s in her future, Momsen is currently on tour with The Pretty Reckless and says she won’t be returning to modeling or acting any time soon.

“I’m more about writing, touring and making records until I physically can’t do it anymore,” she told Metro UK.

Going to Hell is out now.

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