Taylor Lautner made his debut on Instagram with a video in which he name-drops his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Taylor Lautner On Taylor Swift

Lautner introduced himself to Instagram Tuesday, writing, “Hello Instagram! It only took me until the year 2016 to finally join, sorry I’m so late to the party haha Huge thank you to my buds @adamsandler and @davidspade for helping me introduce my page.”

Talking to his The Ridiculous 6 costar Adam Sandler, Lautner says in the video, “For my first post, I’m going to use this new 60-second video feature. I was thinking maybe I could do a backflip, but in slow-mo.”

“I’ve seen you do that before, maybe something else,” responds Sandler.

Lautner then suggests that maybe he catch some grapes with his mouth – but Sandler shuts that down too. He’s seen the Twilight star do that on the talk show circuit. Dabbing? Sandler doesn’t like that either. “I don’t like seeing you do that. That’s gross.”

And then, when Sandler objects to having a cameo in his video because “the dog doesn’t want [him] to do that kind of thing,” Lautner goes off to find David Spade.

Like Sandler, Spade has little interest in dabbing. Running out of options, Lautner makes one last final plea: “I’ll give you Taylor Swift’s cellphone number.” At that Spade, jumps up to learn the dance move.

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