Co-stars on Scream Queens season two, Taylor Lautner and John Stamos have differing opinions on being shirtless in the show.


Lautner, 24, is inevitably known for appearing shirtless on screen, starting in his role as the werewolf Jacob in the Twilight franchise. He is set to star alongside Stamos, 52, in the upcoming season of ‘Scream Queens’ and the two have become friends in the process.

Lautner admitted he talked his way out of a shirtless scene, while Stamos talked his way into some. “I’ve had so much shirtless in my life that I need a little break,” Lautner said. “But there is a fair amount of sexy scenes for everyone. I haven’t been shirtless yet but I’ve been stripped down a little bit.”

“Mine went from shirtless to completely naked in the shower,” Stamos revealed. “On Friday night I get a letter from my lawyer saying, ‘Hey, check this out,’ and it was from legal saying, ‘We’d like to show John Stamos’ butt in episode 203 and 202. Is that alright?’ I was like alright, well, here we go.”

According to Lautner, Stamos often voluntarily goes shirtless while on set. “We’ve only been filming for two and a half weeks,” he says, “and John has been shirtless like five times,”

Lautner and Stamos play doctors this season, with Jamie Lee Curtis as their boss. ‘Scream Queens’ airs on Fox on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 9/8c. See the trailer below.

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