For Taraji P. Henson, Mother’s Day is always doubly special, for it was right around Mother’s Day 1994 when she became a mother. And on Mother’s Day 2018, she posted a special message on Instagram to the fruit of her motherhood, her now 24-year-old son Marcell Johnson.

The pic features the Empire star snuggling up with her boy as the two offer up big, generous smiles for the camera. She wishes him a “very happy birthday,” and like many other devoted mothers before and after her, she cannot help but call him “handsome.” This is a pivotal year for Johnson, as he reaches half his mother’s age, with Henson turning 48 on September 11.

Johnson’s father is the late William Lamar Johnson, Henson’s high school sweetheart, who was murdered in 2003.

Henson did not provide any particular details on Instagram about how they celebrated, but considering that she is most famous for playing a character named “Cookie,” I think we can rest assured that she whipped up some satisfying desserts.

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