Tara Reid appeared in a new promotional video produced by Terminix, the termite and pest control company. The hilarious video is a parody of the notorious Sharknado (2013) films — featuring killer mosquitoes.

Tara Reid In Terminix New ‘Mosquitonado’ Trailer

Terminix uses its YouTube channel to promote advance treatments for termites and to advise customers on protection plans for pests. On Wednesday, the company decided to post a new video featuring Sharknado actress Reid to warn people about the dangers of bloodsucking mosquitoes.

Mosquitonado Official Trailer mocks the next installment of the Sharknado series. The trailer begins on a Fourth of July, and we see a woman preparing meat for a barbecue while a mosquito lands on her neck. The trailer gets gruesome as the woman kills the mosquito, smearing blood down her skin. The woman screams her lungs out watching a storm cloud of mosquitos swarm towards her city. The angry mob of mosquitoes begin to terrorize the residents having picnics outside. News reporters are attacked while reporting on the killer mosquitoes.

In ridiculous fashion, the mosquitoes transform into an enormous tornado destroying the city in its wake, similar to the parade of sharks that attacked L.A. in Sharknado. Suddenly, Reid appears in the trailer stepping out of her car horrified asking, “Is that what I think it is?” A woman in the car next to her answers, “No! It’s a Mosquitonado!”

The trailer ends with Reid saying, “I have never seen anything like this before.” The same woman parked next to her wisely points out, “Yes you have… Like two other times!”

Check out the hilarious trailer for yourself:

Sharknado 3 features Reid and will premiere on the Syfy channel on July 22.


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