‘Tan Mom’ Patricia Krentcil Interview by Uinterview

Patricia Krentcil, better known as “Tan Mom,” refuses to let her critics put a damper on her recent foray into rapping. Though Krentcil admits she’s not a rapper by trade, that won’t stop her from having fun in the recording studio, she told Uinterview in an exclusive U Rant video.

“I’m not a rapper, but I love rap, it’s great, it’s so hip, it’s wild,” said an enthusiastic Krentcil. “You can go crazy with it. To my critics that judge me, I just think that people are too judgmental. And like, my first song was a spoof.”

Krentcil’s first single, “It’s Tan Mom,” was released back in May. The song, which is available on iTunes, was about the lawsuit Krentcil refers to as a “nightmare” that led to her fame and her moniker. She had been accused last April of bringing her five-old-daughter into a tanning booth. While Krentcil admitted bringing the child into the room, she denied putting her into the tanning bed. And as Kretcil says, she “won” the legal battle in February.

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Krentcil promises a second single for her critics. “Now we’re doing another song, and it’s gonna be just about, you know the new me,” Krentcil told Uinterview. “The new tan mom, the sober healthy one—I’ll be rapping for ya, all over the world. And to everyone out there that has criticism, get off the couch and start rapping – and workout while you rap, cause I have no clue, that’s where it’s at!”

– Chelsea Regan

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