Tamra Judge, star of Real Housewives of Orange County, renewed her wedding vows with husband Eddie Judge in Aruba on Tuesday.


The couple originally wed in 2013, and this week celebrated on Eagle Beach in the Caribbean’s largest vow renewal ceremony. “Aruba is simply beautiful. It meant everything for Eddie and I to be able to ‘renew our I Do’s’ in such a picturesque setting, in the company of our family,” Judge told People. “Cheers to a lifetime of love and adventure, from the One happy island!”

This celebration comes just a day after Judge’s estranged daughter Sidney Barney blasted her on her Facebook page. The now-deleted post began, “I want to start by clearing some things up as my mother continues to talk about me despite me requesting her to stop speaking of me publically [sic] as I don’t want to be associated with her or the show.” The 18-year-old went on to describe why she left her mother’s house to live with her dad, Simon Barney. “The reasons I left my mothers house are that she was neglectful (leaving us at home with no food or simply ignoring us entirely), she constantly put herself first and the biggest reason was that she was mentally and emotionally abusive. She was no mother to me,” she wrote. “The ONLY reason I am not living with her is because she continues to do the things that pushed me out of her house, like talking about me on the show/press/social media, doing embarrassing things on the show, lying to me and putting herself first to name a few.”

Sidney also posted an example of her complaints, showing a text conversation between her and her mother asking her not to post any photos from Sidney’s graduation. This was put alongside a post by Judge with photos and stories of the graduation celebration.

Judge has been vocal about trying to reconcile with her daughter, but it appears things took a turn. “We’re making progress. Every day is a step forward and we’re just really trying to bring the family back together,” Judge said weeks ago. “She’s amazing. She’s doing great. She graduated from high school, going off to college, and I’m just really proud of her.” Then, more recently, she redacted what she said. “All I’ve ever done is love you from the second I found out I was pregnant. I’m sorry you hate me so much,” Judge wrote in the comment section of her daughter’s scathing Facebook post. “I fought so hard for you. I will always love you and hope you realize one day how wrong all this is. So hurtful and not necessary.”

To add to the drama, Judge also blasted RHOC alum Gretchen Rossi on Instagram for posting a message of support to Sidney’s post. “I usually don’t give this troll any attention because it’s exactly what she wants. But after years of her bashing me and now reaching out to my daughter I must say. Gretchen you are the biggest piece of s— I’ve ever met. Move on with your sad empty childless life and stay out of mine you thirsty wannabe… You are obsessed with my life and I haven’t even seen or spoke to you in 5 years. #MoveOn ? You have NO IDEA What my family is going through or what the truth is, Nor do you care. It’s just an opportunity for you to get your name in the press. #obsessedfreak. Funny you of all people should be talking about morals ?. You have none!”

And after all of this, Judge posted some photos from her vow renewal. “Celebrating love ❤️ with all the hate that’s going on. May God bless your life because it’s not always easy,” she captioned her photo. “But God has a plan.. a big plan. I wanna say thank you to @shannonbeador @oclydia @rhoc_kellyddodd (you know what you did and you all rock) #arubaido.”

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