Tammy Slaton made a brave move on the latest episode of TLC’s 1,000-lb. Sisters.

In a preview of the next episode, Slaton and boyfriend, Jerry are joined by her sister Amy Slaton and her husband Micheal Halterman for dinner at a restaurant. Slaton gathered her family to open up to her significant other.

“So, like Jerry, I got some stuff that we need to talk about,” she said, “I’m pansexual,” leading to a confused but understanding Jerry.

“I still love you,” he said.

Pansexuality is when an individual removes gender from the equation of love. Slaton, like others who identify as pansexual, are open to love from anyone regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

“It means love is love. I would date anybody whether they’re transgender, straight, gay,” Slaton said. “It’s about how they make you feel, not how they look.”

“I always thought I was bisexual and then I started talking to one of my friends and she told me she was pansexual and I asked her what it meant. It means you love everybody equally, not just the same sex,” she continued. “And I was like, ‘Well, I guess I am too,’ because I wouldn’t mind being with someone’s who’s transgender or whatever.”

The reality show 1,000-lb. Sisters shares the lives of the Slaton sisters and their struggles with their weight as they both weigh about 1,000 pounds each.

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