Sylvester Stallone‘s three daughters Sophia, 20, Sistine, 18, and Scarlet, 14, all graced the red carpet at the Golden Globes preview day today.


The three girls will be Miss Golden Globes, who are charged with the responsibility of escorting presenters and winners on and off stage during the awards. The girls also attended the preview show today and got silly with Jimmy Fallon.

My wonderful daughters and the amazing Jimmy Fallon getting ready for the Golden Globes Sunday night!

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“I think we’re all going to have the same color scheme so we match in that department but each have a different style that complements our body shape and incorporates each of our individual personalities in each look,” explained Sistine. Apparently Sophia plans to dress the most classic, with Sistine looking chic and edgy, and Scarlet following up with her tomboyish looks.

“Since I’m the oldest,” said Sophia, “I try to stay a but more sophisticated and keep it simple. Out of everyone, I think Sistine can rock the complex, cool, rocker look.” The girls went on to explain their nerves about walking gracefully in heels. “I’m the most clumsy out of all of them,” Scarlet confirmed.

Their hair colorist, Michelle Pugh, is working with each child to perfect their looks for the big day. Their father, though, will have a big say in their final looks. “The girls and [their mom] Jennifer [Flavin}have told me Sly’s father was a hairdresser — and they said he also trained to do it before becoming an actor,” Pugh said. “He colored Sistine and Sophia’s hair blonde when they were younger, and Scarlett had some lightening he had done on her a few months back. He is very much the stamp of approval on whether or not we’ve done a good job, on the girls and Jennifer. And I love that.”


Sophia is currently a student at USC and is reportedly in the Delta Gamma sorority. She stays out of the spotlight, especially since undergoing heart surgery in 2012. She was born with a congenital malformation of a valve, and had her first surgery at 2 months old.

“Sophia’s [room] is all blue, full of books and movies. She is the one that most resembles her father,” said Flavin. “Like him she has read nearly all of Shakespeare’s books. They have a very special bond, they think alike and even have the same gestures, Sophia is the love of his life.”

obsessed with my @bodaskins leather jacket❣️

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Sistine is most like her mother, a former model, and she is signed with IMG Models and was dubbed ” a fresh face to watch” by Vogue. She is also very popular on Instagram. “I have followers because of my dad. I get asked about his movies once a week. They want to know how he stays in shape and if he writes the screenplays,” she said.

Bts for @Fay_Brand ✨ such a beautiful brand! #FayDoubleLife

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Despite getting some fame from her father’s coattails, Sistine has declared she has no interest in acting, and wants to gain fame for herself.

“I’m a horrible actor! I hate seeing myself talk on camera – I look ridiculous!” she explained. “Modeling is basically acting, changing personalities. You don’t want to be yourself.”


The youngest of the crew, Scarlet has shown serious chops in atheltics, as her dad often points out on his official Instagram.

Scarlet Winning in her division. The FLASH

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