A first look is now available into SyFy’s Robot Combat League contestants, who are comprised of massive humanoid robots duking it out for a $100,000 prize. Taking a cue from the 2011 film Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman, Robot Combat League utilizes the movements of shadow boxers, which are then translated to the robots in the ring. Hosted by WWE star Chris Jericho, Robot Combat League premieres Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 10 p.m. EST. on SyFy.

Check out this quick preview of the robots, courtesy of EW.

Brimstone: A wrecking force made of steel and leather. Its weakness is its "abdomen."

Scorpio: This fiberglass and aluminum robot relies on sharp spikes to defeat its challengers. Its light armor is not suited for fighting more powerful opponents.

Steampunk: Its heavy armor protects it from practically any attack. A bit of a defensive specialist, Steampunk’s armor prevents it from being a quick-hitting fighter.

Medieval: This bot employs the use of a protective shield, but it is slow like Steampunk.

Game Over: Sporting a 24-inch screen, this bot’s weakness is in its spaces in armor.

Drone Strike: A smorgasborg of high-tech features, Drone Strike dual-wields barrel guns. Its armor makes it a slower fighter.

Steel Cyclone: Small, compact quick, these qualities are both pros and cons for the bot.

Robo Hammer: Another lightweight fighter, Robo Hammer uses speed to its advantage. But it better stay for fast or this bot’s thin armor will be its downfall.

Crash: A giant roll cage helps this bot take a beating, but makes it difficult to move.

Commander: Another high-tech bot, only its heavy armor will slow it down.

A.X.E: Boasting an axe for a head, this bot is a deadly one. Just don’t ask it to make sudden movements.

Thunder Skull: Strong and powerful, this bot better stay on the offensive because a blow to its bubble canopy head could spell bad news.

—Hal Sundt

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  • madrobotanist
    madrobotanist on

    This is incredible. Jericho is the man, and with 12 giant fighting robots, how can we go wrong? I like Steampunk and Brimstone. Who do y'all like to win this thing?

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