SyFy’s adaption of cult classic science fiction novel Childhood’s End premiered on Monday. The three-part miniseries marks the first ever adaption of the 1953 novel which had labored in development hell for decades. The show also marks the first time controversial villain Karellan will be brought to life.

SyFy’s ‘Childhood’s End’ Gives First Look At Demonic Karellan

Childhood’s End features a peaceful invasion of Earth by beings who call themselves the Overlords. They promise to rid the world of war, hunger and suffering but insist on keeping their appearance a mystery.

When they do eventually reveal themselves, however, they are demonic in appearance, looking the epitome of classic interpretations of the devil – red-skinned, horned, hoofed, etc.

SyFy did not shy away from the character’s controversial appearance and went to great lengths to ensure that actor Charles Dance‘s Karellan was faithful to that described in Arthur C. Clarke’s classic novel.

Charles Dance as Karellan in 'Childhood's End'

Charles Dance as Karellan in ‘Childhood’s End’

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the challenges of bringing the character to life, executive producer Matthew Graham said:

“It was arguably the biggest challenge of the show, for all of us. We all agreed very early on that we wanted a real actor, and we also agreed we’d have to have a really, really good actor, and we were very lucky to get Charles Dance.”

Dance, who is most well known for playing Tywin Lannister in Game Of Thrones, wore layers upon layers of prosthetic makeup for the role and spent up to four and a half hours daily getting prepped.

SyFy’s Childhood’s End finishes tonight at 8pm. ET.




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