Sydney police raided the Lindt Chocolate Café in Martin’s Place on Tuesday, 16 hours after the hostage situation commenced in the most populous city of Australia.

Sydney Police Raid Video

In the dramatic video of the raid, armed and masked police stormed a door into the cafe. Gunshots and explosions from flash grenades could be heard going off both outside and inside the establishment. While the raid went down, many of the remaining hostages were escorted outside of the cafe and brought to safety, where they could receive medical attention. The confrontation resulted in the death of Iranian terrorist and self-styled sheik Man Horan Monis, who had been holding the  hostages.

Two of the hostages have also been reported as dead following the raid. Four people were injured, and a police officer survived a bullet to the face.

Following the raid, it was revealed that no explosive device was found inside the cafe.

The hostage situation began in Sydney Monday morning local time. Six hours into the siege, a handful of hostages managed to escape, infuriating Monis, who was out on bail for being an accessory to his ex-wife’s murder and stood accused of multiple counts of assault. While he retained control of the remaining hostages, he had them hold up a black flag for Islam and requested he be sent an ISIS flag.

The hostage situation ended in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Sydney.

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