Sydney Leathers attempted to crash former sexting partner Anthony Weiner’s party in Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday night, where he conceded defeat in the New York City Democratic primary race.

Leathers, clad in a skintight red dress with black blocking on the sides and platform pumps, waited outside Connolly’s bar in the hopes that she could come face-to-face with Weiner, reported The New York Daily News. As was likely expected, a swarm of reporters and photographers descended to ask Weiner’s onetime sexting paramour what she was doing there.

She answered the question with a variety of different answers. “Why not be here?” she responded to one reporter before adding, “I’m kind of the reason he’s losing. So, might as well show up.” To another, she replied, “I feel like it’s my obligation.”

Earlier in the day, Leather’s had stood outside Weiner’s campaign office with a protest sign, which read, “Don’t Vote Weiner, Download Weinerizer,” which conveniently featured an iTunes sticker. “Weinerizer” is Leathers’ new single – a parody of Britney Spear’s “Womanizer.” “Weinerizer” is the brainchild of Adam Barta, who also produced Patricia Krentcil’s “It’s Tan Mom,” and accompanied Leathers’ on her Weiner stakeout outside the Midtown pub.

Clearly proud of her takedown of the New York City mayoral hopeful, Leathers says that Weiner should “stop being an embarrassment to the city of New York," according to Fox News. "He’s going to continue this behavior. If it’s not going to be me, it’s going to be some other girl.”

In addition to the track available on iTunes, Leathers’ has put out a tame pornographic photo shoot with references to Weiner, and is in talks to star in a full-on adult film that will incorporate the lewd sexting of the former Congressman. She’s also landed a 6-figure deal with sexting app IHookUp.

– Chelsea Regan

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