Swiss authorities are in search of an individual who left $191,000 worth of gold bars on a train. 

The train that the gold was left on was coming from Swiss Federal Railways and was traveling from the Northeastern Swiss town of St Gallen to Lucerne, a city in the center of the country, in October of last year. The parcel that was left behind contained 182,000 Swiss Francs which is equal to U.S. $191,000. The weight of the gold was not disclosed, but is estimated to be at 7.6 pounds. 

Despite investigations that have been occurring since the gold was found in October, police have not been able to find the individual that left the bars behind. Authorities have now confiscated the gold form police and decided the make the search public. 

They released a statement announcing the find on June 2 and stated that the owner of the gold has five years to claim it. A spokesperson said that they have had some inquiries about the bars and they are currently investigating them. 

In Switzerland, there have been efforts to eliminate Swiss bank secrecy. Many citizens do not wish to spend their money where there would be a record left behind. Because of this, those who have a penchant for gold have moved to Switzerland where gold is often handled in cash.